The Citrus Science of Ceviche

Introduction: The Citrus Science of Ceviche

With ceviche, you’re able to use nothing more complicated than citrus juice to quickly and easily prepare a Latin American inspired seafood menu masterpiece.

Step 1: Cut Citrus

cut into segents leaving on rind for flavor from juice 5-7 limes or lemons

Step 2: Cut Shrimp

cut peeled and devained shrimp into bite size pieces

Step 3: Soak

squeeze citrus into small bowl add shrimp this frees the long chains of amino acids from its native form, allowing them to rearrange in a formation that is similar to that of traditionally cooked seafood.

Step 4: Drain

when shrimp turns pink it is done. It is important to know that unlike traditional cooking, the citrus juice is not killing off potential bacteria in the fish. This is why only the freshest fish should be used to make ceviche.

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    4 years ago

    Very interesting! I was not familiar with this, so thank you for sharing. I learned some new things! :)