Introduction: The Clown Doll From Poltergeist Movie Prop

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All the directions below can be adjusted to whatever size doll you want to make.
I sculpted and made a latex cast for my face but you can use any mask.


1 yard each red, white, blue satin fabric
Gold bells
Felt stars
Foam or paper towel roll
Hot glue
Gorilla glue or other strong glue
Polyfil stuffing

Step 1: Legs and Arms

Legs and arms are done the exact same. So I made all.of them at once. If you can find fabric already striped it would be a lot easier. I couldn't so I cut strips and sewed them.

Step 2: Sewing Body

The body is a rectangle with the edges rounded off....cut 2...... Laying one down face up, pin arms and legs right side out as shown in photo. Place second cut of body face down on top. Take out original pins and replace, pinning top...leg or arm.. and bottom together. Sew around leaving a hole at the neck.

Turn right side out.

Now you can stuff the body, arms and legs.

Step 3: Shorts and Sleeve Puffs

Shorts and sleeve puffs are made similar. Sewing a seam at the top and bottom of each sleeve puffs and adding elastic. Also sewing seams on waist and both shorts legs and adding elastic.

Step 4: Accessories....

Cut, sew and stuff shoes with small ankle. Add bell to toe. I hot glued the shoes to the pant leg cuff.

The hat is sewn and hemmed and I added a few felt stars.

The blue cuffs are made with elastic like the shorts and sleeve puffs.

Cut and sewed 4 triangle collar pieces. Sewed bells on the pointed tip.

Stuff gloves. Glue gloves on arm cuffs. Then add blue cuff.

Step 5: Head

I cut 2 round shape with small neck out of red fabric. Sew together and stuff for head. For support I rolled a thick foam sheet. You can use cardboard.
I used Gorilla Glue to glue the mask to the red stuffed head. I cut a wig and glued it to the back and sides.
I glued the hat to the head and added a few stitches for more support.
I also added eyeballs to the mask.

Step 6: Final Touches and Tips

I added a white collar buy ironing the fabric folded so there no stitches and then I glued it on.
I cut pieces of the wig because the full size wig was way too heavy.
Using a full size masked would have been a lot easier.
I hand sewed good bells to the end of the shoes and each collar strip.
I added a little polyfil to his hat to make it stand up more
I should have made the hat longer.
Shouldn't have stuffed the hands so much.
Still waiting for the gold star that goes on the chest!

But overall I'm happy for my first try and this guy!
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