Introduction: Fortnite Cuddle Team Leader Doll

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I made this using an existing doll but you can make your own doll too.
I bought mine at Hobby Lobby.
I sculpted the face and boots and made the outfit.


I sculpted the head using water based air dry clay, i like the oil based clay better though. I sculpted the head on a duplicate doll so it would fit perfectly.
After sculpting i created at wall between the 2 halves with plastic strips. Then covering one side with plaster. After it dries i remove the wall and plaster the othet side.
Be sure to using cooking spray before plaster and in between sides.
I have a more in depth instructables on this.
After the mold dries, open, remove clay.
I mixed some red in with my white latex so the head and boots would be pink when they came out. Let dry complete.
I only sculpted 1 boot and will run that twice.
I sculpted the boot over a duplicate dolls foot.

The head is the same for every bear so i made 4 copies of this sculpt and 8 copies of the boot.

Step 2: The Body

I used 2 way stretch fleece for the body.
The doll came with an outfit so i just measured that and kind made my own.
The white accentd are foam and the black strips are felt.

Step 3: Decorating the Bears

I painted the first part by hand. Then i airbrushed in the same colors. For the eyes I used some kind of fishing lure. Its a sticker and then clear coated over top.

The boots i just painted the laces on and then glued a bow at the top.

The stripe on each of the pants is ribbon.

The Spooky and Fireworks bears have elastic attached to toys i found at Hobby Lobby for the backpacks. The Panda's backpack is made of green straws with some twine.