Introduction: The Club Hub Chart: Helping Students Decide the Club of Interest

In my after school program, we want all students to be aware of our club offerings and have the opportunity to participate in the activities. At the beginning of the program day when we make our announcements, many students are not present as they are participating in school activities. Creating this Club Hub chart that will be at the parents check out area will ensure that students and parents have the opportunity to view upcoming club offerings. Students will then sign up for their interested club with their after school program leader.





Rubber bands


Makey Makey

Aluminum Foil

Step 1: Cut Cardboard

Cut 8 pieces of carboard, 2 x 6. Cut in half to make two pieces.

Step 2: Cover With Aluminum Foil

Cut aluminum foil to cover each side. Tape down on one side.

Step 3: Cut Foam

Cut 8 pieces of narrow foam, 2 for each switch.

Step 4: Put Foam Between the Cardboard Pieces

Place foam between the switch.

Step 5: Rubber Band the Switch

Place a rubber band around your switch.

Step 6: Alligator Clip and Make 3 More

Clip one alligator clip from Earth to one side of your switch, and clip the other alligator clip to the other side and connect it to Space. Make 3 more of the same switches.

Step 7: Add Club Offerings to Chart

Write out names or cut out pictures of clubs and tape them to your switch.

Step 8: Place Switches and Names on Chart

Place your switches along your board and tape or glue the switches to the board.

Step 9: Log Into Scratch

Go to and log into your account.

Step 10: Create Your Project

Click on create a project.

Step 11: Create Your Project

Create events and sounds for each of the club areas.

Step 12: Decide on Club

Once students hear of a club they are interested in, they can proceed to the staff member and sign up for the club they would like to be a part of.