Introduction: The 'Dead Mouse' Computer Prank!

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This is a very simple prank to make and will get the victim wondering!

What happens is that the infrared beam moves the cursor by detecting movement so when you move the mouse, it knows.
So, by placing a pice of paper (we will be using sticky notes) under the mouse the infrared beam only 'sees' the paper so the cursor will not move, no matter how hard or much the victim shakes the mouse!!!

I have tried this before on some computer-hooked family and friends and it worked like a charm!

: If you get in trouble or such, it's not my fault!! ^^;;

Step 1: What You Will Need.

This prank uses not but THREE items:

= A Computer Mouse*
= Sticky Notes**
= A Computer-Hooked Victim!! 

*The mouse needs to be infrared and not a ball mouse*
**If you have none on hand, paper and sticky tape will also work**

Step 2: Preparing the Prank.


=Now, go to your computer.
=Get one sticky note and rip it up into four pieces so that two pieces have some sticky stuff on them.
=Place one of the sticky pieces on the bottom of the mouse, so that the infrared beam is covered.
=Now, before you flee from the scene of the crime, test it out if the computer is on. If it works, ta-daa!
=If not, place the other sticky piece over the other sticky not on the bottom so that there is absolutely NO chance the sticky note will fold and let the beam through!


Step 3: Wait for It!!!

All you can do now is hide and wait for the victim to find the 'busted' mouse!
If there are no places to hide, set up your camera on a shelf or tripod before the victim encounters the mouse!!!

~If the victim has no patience, whatsoever, this should be hilarious!! Just watch them thrashing about!
~If the victim is calm, it should take them a while to realize what is wrong with the computer!

Step 4: End and Tips.

Okay. If the victim starts thrashing about, don't leave them at it too long, as this could result in buying a new mouse and a very, very annoyed person.
If you are going to do this prank, be prepared to be shouted at, as it may lead to this.
BUT! It is soooooo worth it!!


=You can use used sticky notes - it's better for the enviornment!!
=If you have no sticky notes handy, you can use paper and sticky tape. This may work better, as you can tape down all four sides if you have time. It's up to you.
=The best time to do this is when your victim goes to the toilet or to get coffee, et cetera... if they are going to come back!!!
=If you want this to be effective, use this prank on someone who has absolutely NO clue about computers and will not realize what's wrong. (Like my mother! XD)
=When the victim finds the sticky notes, make sure they put them in the bin, or even better - the green bin! Help save the world!!

Don't forget, this prank is just for fun so do not use it on someone with no sense of humour!

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