Introduction: The Ducteridoo

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In this instructable I will be showing you how to make your very own Ducteridoo! I'm sure you have no idea what i mean. A Ducteridoo is a foldable and inflatable digeridoo made out of nothing but duct tape! This is an easy, fun, cheap, and quick project that is great for a first didgeridoo!

Step 1: PreStep: Gather Materials

Ok, so before you do anything you are going to need materials. Please, if you have trouble finding any of these just post a comment below

Gathering Materials
Here is a list of the materials you need: 

Duct Tape (Any kind will do)
Canola Oil (This is not required but makes it a lot easier)
Washcloth (Also not required but makes it a lot easier)
All Purpose High Gloss Varnish (Not required, but makes it look nicer)
PVC Pipe (This should be as long as you want your Ducteridoo to be and as wide as you want the inside of your Ducteridoo to be)

Once you have all of your materials you are ready to start!

Step 2: Step 1 (Not Required): Oil the PVC

So, if you are one of those people who likes to jump right into things, you probably think that because this step says "Not Required" you can skip it right? WRONG, this step is very important, and when i said not required i meant that you can still do it without this step, however you are going to have a VERY DIFFICULT TIME trying. So do yourself a favor and take the extra 5 minutes to do this step.

In this step, you will be oiling the PVC pipe so you can slide the Ducteridoo off it once you are done. 

Oiling the PVC
First, you need to put some of the canola oil onto the washcloth so that it is damp, but not dripping. Then rub the oil all over the outside of the PVC making sure every part is covered. This will act as a relief when you are sliding off the Ducteridoo. With this step you want to put as much oil as you can on the PVC, without soaking it in the stuff. This is mainly a judgement call. 

Once you are done with oil, you can start working with the duct tape!

Step 3: Step 2: Wrap the PVC

In this next step, you will be wrapping the PVC in the first layer of duct tape.

Wrapping the PVC     
First, you need to make 2 pieces of duct tape long enough to wrap around your PVC pipe. Next, you wrap the first piece of duct tape all the way around at the very top of the PVC pipe so it is flush with the edge, MAKE SURE THE STICKY SIDE FACES OUT so that the tape is NOT sticking to the PVC, but slides freely. Then, wrap another piece the same way, except overlap it about half way over the first one. Repeat that process on both ends of the pipe. After that you can spiral the tape all the way down from one end to the other, overlapping about half of the way up the width of the tape. You should end up with something that looks like the image below.

Alright, so now that you have completed that step, and have a big stick pip, you can move on to the outer layer of duct tape.

Step 4: Step 3: Wrap the PVC More

In this step you will be wrapping the PVC pipe in the outer layer of duct tape, this will make it more rigid, and allow you to play without ripping your mustache off.

Wrapping the PVC More 
This is pretty much the same procedure as step 2, however, you want the sticky side of the tape to face towards the PVC, so that the two sticky sides of the layers are touching. I made the ends larger by wrapping the duct tape more times, and made the top larger than the bottom so i could tell the difference. You can repeat this process to add as many layers as you want, however the more layers you add, the more rigid and less foldable it will become

So once this step is complete, you can get ready to pull the Ducteridoo off of the PVC "mold".

Step 5: Step 4: Remove the PVC

In this step you will be removing the PVC "mold" from the inside of your Ducteridoo. If you think you are wasting a good piece of PVC pipe then you are wrong. You can make the extra PVC into another Didgeridoo by putting duct tape or hot glue around one end to create a seal, paint and varnish it and you have another Didgeridoo. If you are confused there is an image below.

Removing the PVC
So now you need to pretty much do a combination of shaking, pushing, pulling, and forcing to get the bottom end of the Ducteridoo about 3 inches off of the end of the PVC pipe, and the top end about 3 inches down the PVC pipe. This will allow you to put the bottom end of the Ducteridoo in a vice, as shown in the image below, and pull the other end of the PVC pipe until it comes entirely out of the inside of the Ducteridoo.

Once you have the two separated, you can make another Didgeridoo with the PVC as described above, and you can finish up your Ducteridoo. 

Step 6: Step 5: Create the Seal

In this step you will be creating the seal on the top end of the Ducteridoo so you can play it and it will sound better.

Creating the Seal
To create the seal you need to make strips of duct tape and layer them over the edge until the Ducteridoo is comfortable to play, and the hole is the right size. Mine is about 1.5 in. in diameter, but it really depends on who you are and how big your mouth is. This step should only take about a minute.

Your almost there, once this step is complete you have one more optional step and your done.

Step 7: Final Step (Optional): Varnish the Ducteridoo

This last step is completely optional, in fact, I didn't even do it. In this step you can varnish the neck if you want to, but it will only make it look shiny and may add some rigidity.

Varnishing the Ducteridoo
Ok, so to varnish the Ducteridoo, you can use different types of varnish, but they should all be All Purpose Permanent. The spray can kind as i showed in the PreStep image, is probably the easiest and cleanest type of varnish. However, paint on varnishes may be stronger and may add more rigidity, but take longer to dry. Whichever you use though, the process is the same. First you lay the Ducteridoo on newspapers or plywood (not on the grass because we are all eco-friendly here), and spray or paint the entire thing with varnish. Once that is dry, turn it over and varnish the parts that were touching the newspaper or plywood.

Your done!

Step 8: Congratulations

Great job, you've just completed another instructable! Give yourself a pat on the back! If you have any comments or questions about anything please post them below. Also, if you like this project, then why not vote for it in the Duct Tape Tough Contest. I hope you enjoy building on of these if you do, and post your creations below! Happy Instructabling!!!
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