Introduction: The EXTREME Eating Competition!!!

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As usual, really sorry about the pictures.  I took some good ones, but the stupid computer messed things up.  So I put the ones that got through on and some I just really liked.  Hopefuly I can change them soon.  Okay, the object of this competition is to eat as much as you can in each section, and also to be able to take each challenge with extreme calmness (the "coolguy" calm, you might say). 
Points will be awarded for:
Amount eaten
How you faced each stage
Extreme epic awesomness

You will need:
LOTS of Legos (or large quantities of small objects that won't break wiil work)
2 tables
LOTS of food
Things to use as blindfolds
People (to watch, compete or to help run it)
A microphone
Bikes/Bike gear
Anything else you can think of!

Step 1: Stage 1: Fast Food

This stage requires eating while keeping balance on a bike.  Even thogh this is an extreme eating contest, safety needs to be accounted for, so wear a helmet and don't do this near a road or sidewalk.  What the contestants need to do is ride a bike with a set number of food in a backpack and eat as much as they can before the 2 minutes are up.  If possible, do this on a track and make sure the contestant is heavily padded.  The workers can throw ballons at them for an extra challenge.  Fast-paced music can be added to make the players feel in a rush and add some spunk.

Step 2: Stage 2: Cloudy... With a Chance of Legos?!

Each player will be sat at their own table with a set amount of food, but the food must be spread apart.  The player will be blindfolded and wear a helmet.  Why a helmet?  Well, LEGOS will be raining down on them!!!  Contestants will be eating with the legos raining down on them (a tarp laid out below for easy clean up) and are required to spit all legos caught in their mouth to the side.  One point will be deducted from each player's score for every lego that spat from their mouth.  Again, music with a fast tempo would be great.  Spectators can throw ballons for an added challenge.

Step 3: Stage 3: Grapes Falling From Heaven

The object of this one is to catch grapes in your mouth.  There will be one person throwing grapes for each contestant.  Sound easy?  Try doing so while spinning 30 times fast before it!  20 grapes are needed for each contestant.  For an added challenge, have spectators throw ping-pong balls at the contestants.  Music can be used, and you can improvise with cheese puffs or whatever you have that is edible, small and round.

Step 4: Stage 4: the World Turned Upside-down

In this stage, contestants are hanging upside down on monkey bars or whatever while trying to eat an orange, plate of eggs, a bagel and a bowlm of cheerios...  BLINDFOLDED!  Workers hold up their plates for them to grab from.  The first person to finish wins.  Again, music and spectators throwing stuff.

Step 5: Stage 5: Mississippi Queen!!

Okay, this is the most extreme part of the challenge and the last stage.  It is the pepper contest with a weird Regular Show twist.  In the middle is a glass of milk (milk soothes better than water)  and each contestant has a plate of peppers; a jalapeno, habanaro, etc, a bottle of hot sauce and, when the person last standing wins, they must drink the Mississippi Queen to win the challenge!  The Mississippi Queen consists of oysters, hot sauce and any other edible stuff that might make someone gag at first whiff.  They drink that, they win the challenge, otherwise the challenge is started over and that player cannot play in the rest of the stage.  Rock or heavy metal music can be played and spectators can gather around the tables.  Mississippi Queen should be played afterwards.

Step 6: Judging

For coolness:  Shows mostly no emotion.  The least emotion, the better.

Amount eaten:  The name says it all.

Epic Awesomeness:  How much flair the contestant added with each challenge
How challeng was handled:  Was not crying, little or no negative reaction, etc.

Step 7: The Prize!!!

It could be anything, from something involving more food to a gift card or championship for the next battle (including a belt or t shirt or something).

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