Introduction: The Eagle Jet Paper Airplane "you Cannot Hide" ;-)

This is a tutorial for the "Eagle Jet". I have seen it many times before but not on of it has colored Wings.

Here is a short demonstration:

here is a video of me folding the plane:



Step 1: Take a Sheet of Paper (A4 or Letter)

You can either take a blank sheet or print out the pdf files.

Print tossit1.pdf on on side and tossit2.pdf on the other (of one sheet).
The two "Print arrows" must point in the same direction!

Please do not print it in "Photo" or "High Quality" mode otherwise the paper will get wet and limp so that you can not fold it anymore. Instead print it in "safe Ink" or "economy" or "fast" mode.

I have also made different colors so pick your favored one.

Step 2: Let the Show Begin

If you picked the print version you have to start with the eagles on top (facing up).

Start by folding it vertical in half. Open up again and fold it horizontal in half.

Step 3: Go On....

fold the upper right corner down to the left. The crease should be from the down right corner to the center crease at the top.

Repeat the fold on the opposite side.

Unfold, push at the top of the right corner until the two layers will separate.
line up the creases as sown in the picture.

Step 4: And On...

fold it back together (see pictures)

Step 5: And On...

Fold the upper right corner to the left untill it lines up with the crease you maked at step 3.

Flip over the whole plain. You can repeat the step on the backside now.

Step 6: Crease Again..

Fold in the flap part like in the picture.
Do it again on the frontside.

Now repeat step 3 to 6 for the other wing!

Step 7: Fold a Handle

Now the airplane should look like in the first picture.

First fold in half.

After that make two creases to the left and the right.

Step 8: Last Fold

The rudder is made by creasing the first two layers at the wingends.


I hope you liked the tutorial, if so please leave a comment.

I am sorry for my bad English!
If you find any mistakes in writing, keep them ;-)
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