Introduction: The Eiffel Tower of Hot Glue

I was looking at some of the other instructables about hot glue and I noticed something. Most of them were instructing people on how to make stuff using hot glue as a tool. This is perfectly fine. The rules even say, “Whatever you make, hot glue must be used somewhere in your project in order to be eligible.” However I wanted to do something different. I wanted to build something out of hot glue.
I present to you, the Eiffel Tower of Hot Glue.


Hot glue gun
Scotch tape (or any clear surface that hot glue can easily peel off of)
Paper and pen
Hot glue
And yes, more hot glue

Step 1: The Template

First, you will have to create a template for your Eiffel Tower. You can make one yourself or copy mine. If you make it yourself, keep it very simple. Hot glue is thick and hard to control. Trying to add small details with a hot glue gun most likely won’t end up well unless you are a master hot glue expert, which I am not. When you have finished, you might want to make some copies of it.

Step 2: Glue Glue Glue

Before you start gluing, cover each piece of the template with many pieces of tape. This will allow you to later peel the finished product off. Now you must trace each piece in your template with a glue gun. When tracing, do not trace too thick or the details will be ruined, and do not trace too thin or the piece will rip when peeling it off. Make each piece four times. If you used my template or drew one similar, you should end up with sixteen pieces.

If one piece is too small, big, or crooked, do not hesitate to redo that piece. It is extremely difficult to assemble pieces that are out of shape. In addition, make the bottom and top lines of each piece extra thick. Otherwise, when applying more hot glue, the whole strip will melt and the tower will collapse (how sad).

Step 3: Assembly

Now it’s time to put all your pieces together. Start by covering a a small square on a piece of paper with scotch tape. Then draw a thick line with hot glue on the paper. Place one of the four base pieces on the line of hot glue and hold it in place until it dries in place. Then repeat with the other four pieces, creating a square base. Apply glue to the tops of each bass piece to create a foundation for the four middle pieces. Then peel the entire base off the sheet of paper. This should take more effort than peeling off the individual pieces, but it shouldn’t be too hard because of the tape.

Next, apply glue to the bottom of one of the four middle pieces. Hold it in place on top of one of the base pieces until it dries. Repeat this with the other four pieces and create a foundation for the next four pieces.

Use the same method to glue the longest pieces down. When this is finished, glue the four triangle pieces to the top. You may also want to spend time removing hot glue strings. These can be really annoying.

Step 4: Gaze Upon Your Amazing Creation!

It’s finally finished! And just in time for the World Fair of 1889!

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