Introduction: The Fox Hole, a Hooded Winter Baby Sling

The Fox Hole is a baby sling that can be used for babies 2 months and up, in three positions. The front carry, hip carry, and back carry. The Fox Hole sling has a removable hood and faux fur or shearling liner to keep baby extra warm.

Step 1: Materials

Heavy Weight Cotton Fabric and Faux Fur or Shearling Lining 1 yd. of 60” fabric for each.

Separating Zipper 12”, Thread

Step 2: Measuring for Fit

This is a winter baby sling and intended to be worn over a coat or layered clothing. For this reason you will want to measure while wearing a coat. Measure from shoulder to hip. For the Fox Hole sling you will need to add 3" to this measurement.

Step 3: Cutting the Fabric

Cut fabric on the fold 23" x your shoulder to hip measurement plus 3" (my shoulder to hip measurement is 24” in my coat, our cut was on the fold 23" x 27”).

Fold fabric again lengthwise so all four open corners are together forming a long rectangle. Measure and mark 3 inches in from the four open corners. Begin cutting at the edge of the fold forming a curve that ends at the 3” mark.

Repeat for lining.

Use Pattern pieces to cut hood. (to print, the lining will need legal sized paper)

Step 4: Sewing Bottom Rail and Curved Seam

Unfold fabric and lining. Pin right sides together along one long edge (this will be the bottom rail of your sling) sew along this edge using a 1/2” seam. Press seam open. Fold right side together matching curved edges; fabric to fabric, lining to lining. Sew along curved edges.

Step 5: Sewing Top Rail and Zipper

Turn sling with wrong sides facing and gently press all seams. Press under a 5/8” hem on the top rail of both fabrics, pin lining to fabric. Insert one side of zipper (the side without the pull) centering the zipper at the curved seam. The zipper will be sewn in between the lining and fabric. Top stitch the top rail together securing zipper in place (using zipper foot). Top stitch lower rail and curved seam if desired.

Step 6: Sewing the Hood

With right sides together stitch back curve of fabric. Repeat with lining. Clip curve on fabric.

Matching center seam with right sides together and fabric inside the lining, sew along the front edge. Turn right sides out and gently press seams. The lining will roll to outside forming a furry trim.

Step 7: Sewing the Hood Zipper

Press under 1/2” seam on bottom of hood. For both fabric and lining.

Pin zipper centering with back seam. Top stitch along the bottom of hood securing the zipper in place (using zipper foot).

Step 8: Optional Embellishments: Hood Puff

Cut out a 5.5” circle of lining (or cut to your taste). Gather stitch around circle, pull stitch in to form a ball, stuff with poly-fil. Stitch onto hood.

Step 9: Saftey Rules

Certain Slings have gained media coverage due to injury, please follow these safety rules for carrying your baby
  1. The baby should be close enough to kiss.
  2. The baby should never have his/her chin resting on his/her chest.
  3. The baby’s head should always be above the rest of his/her body.
  4. The baby’s knees should always be higher than his/her butt.
  5. The baby’s face should not be covered by fabric.
  6. The baby’s head should be supported.

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