Introduction: The Fridge Funnel

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Our refrigerator has the water dispenser in the door. This is handy, when you are putting water in a cup. I have found that my family uses it to fill water bottles more than cups. The problem is that trying to get the stream to hit the small opening of the bottles does not work on the first try. This spills water all over the place. The simple solution..... a funnel with a magnet to have it on the refrigerator, right next to the dispenser, to make filling bottles easy.

Try to not think about how fridge is short for refrigerator but refrigerator does not have a letter d in it. I just used the word fridge so my title would have some alliteration.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

This is a simple project and only requires a few tools and materials.

The tools I used were:

A hot glue gun and hot melt glue.

Some shears, to cut the rim of the funnel.

And some 220 grit sandpaper.

The materials needed:

A funnel. Like this one: but I got mine for less at the local hardware store.

A magnet. I used a Neodymium magnet 8mm Dia. x 3mm thick. Like this one:

Step 2: Cut Off the Top Flange

The funnel works better without the flange around the top. I used the shears to cut it off.

Step 3: Smooth the Edges

I used the sandpaper to smooth the top edge of the funnel after I had cut off the top flange.

Step 4: Remove the Label

My funnel had one of those labels on it. You know the ones.... the ones that don't peel off in one piece. It is best to soak the label, to get it to come off easier.

Step 5: Rough Spot for Glue

I used the sandpaper to rough up a spot to glue the magnet to. This helps the hot glue grip the otherwise slick surface of the funnel.

Step 6: Hot Glue the Magnet to the Funnel

Carefully hot glue the magnet to the rough spot of the funnel. I tested the fit and found that the glue was not strong enough to hold the magnet to the funnel. The magnet held to the fridge more than the glue would hold to the funnel. I was thinking of using a weaker magnet, or stronger glue, but then I had a thought. I used the hot glue to make a thin covering of hot glue over the magnet. This held the magnet to the funnel, made the magnet not hold too strongly to the fridge, and covered the hard edges of the magnet to keep it from damaging the paint on the fridge.

Step 7: Fill Bottles Without Making a Mess

The Fridge Funnel lives right next to the water dispenser. All you have to do is pull it off, stick it in your bottle, and use it to direct the water into the bottle. I was able to position the magnet, so that the funnel could be stored with the bottom part in the drip tray of the dispenser, so any left over water, in the funnel, will not drip on the floor.

I am entering this Instructable in the Assistive Tech Contest. I think that the design of some products makes it hard to use the products. This makes you feel unable to do something. Sometimes a simple solution or tool can make it possible to do something that you could not do before. If it is difficult for me to fill a bottle, it would be even more difficult to someone with poor eyesight. The Fridge Funnel is the simple solution to this common problem.

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Step 8: Video

As usual, I made a video.

Thank you for watching.

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