Introduction: The Great Balloon Escape

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This Instructable is so short and simple that you can add it to your "Why Didn't I think of that!!" folder.

How many times have you been to a celebration, birthday party, or any setting where kids and balloons are present? Kids love balloons that are filled with helium with a string tied to it. No doubt, one kid will loose his balloon. There it is -- stuck on the ceiling and no way to reach it. The result is one very unhappy little kid.

I have used this several times and "rescued" errant balloons from being caught up in ceilings forever (or until they deflate several days later).

This Instructable will show you how to retrieve the balloon and make you the HERO OF THE DAY.


  1. Since no self respecting party planner would be caught without some tape, you will need some TAPE.

It does not really matter what kind of tape. Any tape will do as long as it is sticky.

2. Another balloon.

3. Some string or ribbon.

Step 1: Get Another Balloon

Since you are at a party, other kids will also have balloons. Get one kid to volunteer their balloon to the Rescue Mission. Just promise that that you will not lose their rescue balloon.

Attach a length of string or ribbon to the rescue balloon that is long enough for you to reach if the balloon should float away.

Step 2: Build Your Balloon Catcher

Grab your "Balloon Emergency Rescue Tape" and make a loop of tape about 6" or more with the sticky side on the outside of the tape.

Stick it to the TOP of the balloon.

Tie the long string to the balloon.

Step 3: To the Rescue !

Let the rescue balloon float up to the "escaped" balloon and maneuver it under the lost balloon.

When the sticky tape touches the lost balloon it will stick to it and you can then pull both balloons down to safety.

You might have to add a little more tape or reposition your tape on the rescue balloon for a second try if it can't make contact.

Once you get the lost balloon back, you will have a very happy kid and you will be the HERO OF THE DAY!

Step 4: Get Your Reward

Since you saved the day, you need a reward. Go get yourself some more ice cream and another piece of Birthday Cake!

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