Introduction: The Headphone Roll

Hi, today I'm going to introduce THE HEADPHONE ROLL. For every music lover headphone is life, but when you'r about to stuff them into your ears, they ALWAYS get tided up (You have the idea don't ask me how or tell me how you triggered and cut them apart...).

Step 1: Solution?

But hey, there's an alternative! And it might even be your headphone saver!

The alternative for this situation is the headphone roll! You might be thinking that it's just a round shape and a clip, but things are always more than it meets to the eye. How does it work? Very easy...

Remember the classic Apple headphone case? And do you remember how much time you spent just putting that thing back? (Don't have to tell me you know it's a hard time). The new headphone roll completely saves the time rolling it up and saves your headphone from your destruction.

The way it works is that the little gap at the bottom fits the plug, then you roll it until the two earbuds fits in the top gap and clips inside the clip, all of that would take you about 10 seconds, waaaaayyyyy better then the 2 minuets you spent to untie the headphone.

I hope you enjoyed my instructable, the 3d file is here for you to download. Hopefully your headphone will always be ready when you need them, please vote for me in the invention challenge.

Thank you and have a good day!


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