Introduction: The HeatSeat Jacket

A heated seat jacket for your car thats slips on and off. Fits on any car seat and will keep you warm on those cold days! This is a fairly simple project and can be done in about a day or two!

Step 1: Measure

First you need to go out to your car and measure the dimensions of your seat that you would like to use. Make sure you include the head rest.

Step 2: Gather Materials

Now you will need to go to your local fabric store. You will need one sheet of fleece fabric, and it can be any kind just make sure you go big rather then small. This because in case you mess up cutting there's still hope. Also you will need to get a base layer fabric for your seat cover this will take some looking around, but make sure you just ask a work there and they will point you in the right direction if you tell them what you're making.

Step 3: Cut and Create

Alright now that you have your materials your going to need a sewing machine. Look at your dimensions for your car seat that you just took the measurements of and as about 10 inches on each side. This is so you can wrap the base layer fabric around the seat. No for the fleece material make sure you cut it with about a height of 3-4 feet and a width of 5-6. This all depends the size of your car seat so keep that in mind when sewing.

Step 4: Add Heating Component

To add the heating component you're going to want to go follow the steps done in this electric blanket tutorial. Follow these 8 steps and then come right back here!

Step 5: Test

Finally once its been put together go test out your new HeaSeat Jacket in the car! If you don't have a source of power you will need to get an A/C converter or you may have to do some more research on what you may need.

Step 6: Finish

Finally you're finished and you have made a HeatSeat Jacket! Congratulations!!!! Please leave comments and let me know what you thought?

Step 7: FAQ Section

What did you use for your power source?

I Bought an A/C converter and just plugged it into one of the ports below my seat, and it works great!

How long did this project take you?

This project probably took me a day or two, and I didn't have any issues at all just follow the steps below!

Does it actually keep you warm?

Yes the HeatSeat Jacket actually keeps me pretty warm on some of these cold days, and it's great to have with you in the car!

Would you do it again?

Totally I had so much fun making this, and I would hope everyone makes one because it's a great thing to have!