Introduction: The House for Pets

It is a house for your pet and it is fun to make too.

Step 1:

Make a hole as dig as you will like and put blocks in it.

Step 2:

On top of your blocks put the same block the make two layers.

Step 3:

Use glass too make a wall for you pets to not run away from you.

Step 4:

Put stairs on top of the glass and add fence gate to close it up.

Step 5:

Put blocks on top of it to make a ceiling.

Step 6:

Place a chast and put cooked beef in it.

Step 7:

Place a fence in the pet house.

Step 8:

Tame a wolf or pet of you choice.

Step 9:

Use a lead and put it on the fence.

Step 10:

And finished!

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