Introduction: The Impossible Brownie - a Yummy Alternative (despite No Gluten, Dairy, Raising Agents, Processed Sugar or Oil) to Chocolate Brownies

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So this Instructables is gonna divide people. I get that. This is not *truly* a Brownie in some people's eyes, but if you've ever read the ingredients in a Brownie, it's got pretty terrifying amounts of cheap oils, refined sugar and floor-sweepings as a filler. That said, they are damn tasty, but as with so much in food - it'd gonna give us Type II Diabetes if we eat it all the time!

So we wanted to have something healthy, that can be eaten a couple times a week without the guilt that we were setting our son on a path to obesity. And indeed, like any snacking parents, us too for that matter!

Food generally has a 'triangle' of Tastes Good vs Cost vs Time. Truly you can't often win all 3, but 2/3 ain't bad! These are not the cheapest Alt Brownies, as they call for 150g (5.3oz) of Cashew Nuts - but they have been fed to most of my son's nursery friends with great appreciation, and literally with practice can be made in 10mins (with a toddler next to you!) - plus 25mins in over.

The sugars are natural, in the bananas, and with the baking seem to go even sweater. Like Banana Bread - it's a great way to use up brown and soft bananas too. This has been a process of refinement and testing over the past couple years, but any suggestions - please shout!


3 Ripe Bananas

150g (5.3oz) Cashew Nuts (or 75g Cashew and 75g Peanut)

60g (2oz) Oats

1 Heaped tbspn of Plain Cocoa Powder (no sugar variety - i.e. not Hot Chocolate)

DIY Cookie Cutter Link:

Step 1: Proof Is in the Eating

This recipe has been kicking around our kitchen so long, you'd think that we would have memorised it by now. But this is surely a sign that it has stood the test of time, and is not just a 'Insta-fake' kinda thing.

Step 2: SMASH! Bananas

Some good knife skills to be learned here, and in case you what to make this knife - check out how here:

Mush them up with a fork if needed to a rough paste.

Step 3: Add Oats

Just normal Porridge / Rolled Oats. Flakes work, but are less 'chunky/chewy'. Your call.

Step 4: BLEND IT!

I found this mini blender super hand for small baking, as it removed the need for a lot fo washing up - and - my son can (almost) be trusted to use it. Chop to taste. Add to mix.

Mini Chopper:

Step 5: Choco-Madness!

Perhaps do this with a teaspoon if you child is wayward! It makes a huge mess of you spill it (as I've done!). But you can add a variable quantity to taste. Mix in.

Step 6: A Sample :p

Depending on the quality of your humour, you can skip over this opportunity to comment on what it looks like. We're pretty low-brow, so please allow up to 10mins for toilet humour to be incorporated into the project.

Step 7: Scoop Out

Using two teaspoons, scoop out little balls, or you can spread out into a 'sheet' of the 'Brownie' mix.

Step 8: Bake

Oven at Gas Mark 4 / 180C / 350F

With this said, this usually assumed Top Shelf, and I tend to boost the over up a tiny bit, so it can go into the middle shelf. Sounds a bit wasteful perhaps, but it means kiddo will be glue to the 'show' for 25mins, as shown ;o)

Bake for 25mins, or until slightly crisp on top, but still soft when pressed.

Step 9: Look Mum - No Eggs!

It's hard to imagine this has anything fun in it with all the removal of 'traditional' making ingredients, but perhaps one nice benefit is a return to good old fashioned licking the bowl - with no eggs, no worries!

Step 10: Cut-Out Brownies

You can either use a knife to cut squares while just out of the oven (say 5mins after to cool off a little).

Or indeed, you can use cutters with shapes.

Or you can make your own 'Gingerbread Wo/Man' Cutters here, from some scrap Alu metal...


Step 11: Appendix: Variations on Theme

You can substitute the Cocoa Powder for other things like Dried Fruit, This was done with Dried Mango. You need to soak in a little boiled water (from kettle) for a minute or two, and then chop up. This needed 30mins on the oven to go more crisp, as it is 'wetter' on account of the fruit. But really it's just an experiment, and worked well.

Do please vote if you liked this, and share any variations on the theme in comments.



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