The Impossible Line Puzzle



Introduction: The Impossible Line Puzzle

This is The Impossible Line Puzzle. Can you solve it? Challenge your friends or family members and see if they can solve this line puzzle.


For this puzzle you'll need:

- paper


Step 1: Set Up!

First of all get a paper and a pencil. Then you have to achieve the Puzzle in the picture by drawing only one line and by following the rules.

Step 2: Rules

- don't cross over other lines

- don't raise your pencil

Step 3: Enjoy!

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    2 years ago

    SPOILER ALERT !! SPOILERT ALERT !!! (you were warned !) For those wandering : Annie Pope puzzle (for the one who want to understand why and how search on google) is, I warned you, there is a spoiler in the next word, don't read this unless you want to be spoiled, possible to resolve with a little bit of cheating