Introduction: The Introduction of XL6009 Step-up Power Module DC-DC Converter

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ICStation team have developed this new product-XL6009 Step-up Power Module recently.We share the knowledge of this product in details and show you the actual testing results with the digital storage oscilloscope.You could find the information about applicable occasion, feature,function,diagram, and testing results through this article.

Applicable occasion:
1.experiment teaching
2.temporarily set up power supply in the outdoor, electric fan)power supply
4.industrial power display

1.XL6009 Step-up Power Module uses XL6009 as main control chip to realize broader scope of application about boosting.
2.It shows the adjusted results intuitively with the digital tube.
3.There is no need to use the multimeter, which will be more convenient.
4.Equipped with the Schottky diode,you need not to be worried about wrong operation.
5.It adds ventilation hole on PCB to enhance the capacity of heat dissipation.

Tools you need to test:
1.Copper Wire
2.Copper Cylinder
4.Pin Header
5.Screw Driver
6.Power Connector
7.Terminal Wire Connector

Input voltage:4.2-32V
Output voltage:5-52V
Maximum input current:4A
Transfer efficiency:94%
Output ripple:50mV
Operating temperature:-40℃~+85℃

Step 1: Function Introduction

①The voltage display
②Indicating input and output voltage area
③Function key:
Short press: input/output display options
Moderate press: Enter the fine-tuning state and increase or decrease the offset(the default is 0). when the voltage display      inaccurate use , you can short press to regulate, long press or long press to restore.
Long press: the state of low power consumption, the digital tube and the lights are out, the normal work of the module. Click the button again to restore. Normal display
④Adjust output voltage :
Clockwise----- increasing voltage
Counterclockwise----reduce the voltage
⑤schottky diode provides protection of reverse connection.
⑥High frequency capacitance to eliminate electric spark

Step 2: Diagram

Step 3: Testing Result:Input Voltage 5V

Test condition:
Input voltage:5V
Output voltage:6.2V

The actual testing results:
Output voltage:6.21V 
Output ripple:78mv(higher than the description, caused by the power supply by the preliminary analysis)

Step 4: Testing Result:Input Voltage 30V

Test condition:
Input voltage:30V
Output voltage:52.7V

The actual testing results:
Output voltage:52.3V
Output ripple: 1.76V(the value of voltage is unstable caused by the low output capacitance and low input current)

Note: When the voltage is much higher, the corresponding current will be higher (at least 3A). Otherwise the power supply will mistaken for short circuit and display abnormally.