Introduction: The Key to a Lighter Back Pack

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Let's face it lugging around a 100-pound backpack is no way to go through our 'best years'.
And with online textbooks and at least in my school, some money for a class set, it's becoming easier to carry around slightly less heavy. Still there is always something that can be fixed to make them even lighter, try to stop taking home your... Binders.

Step 1: Why?

Let's face it we all need binders, they always seem to have some mor room, but they're heavy.
So use your binders at school, maybe get one or two big ones for the day, but when it's time to go home. Put your homework and what you'll need for it in subject folders.
That way you only have a couple folders and papers in your backpack instead of a big bulky binder full of all your school work for the whole year!

Step 2: How to Perfect the System

This system doesn't have room for error, so you must perfect it and have all you need by the end of the day in your nice neat folders.

Let's walk through what would happen:
Let's say it's math, let's face it there's always homework for math, have your paper set up and ready right what problems you need to do somewhere and put it in the folder.

Or maybe in English you need to read a one page passage and answer questions about it, simply set up your paper, put the passage and your paper in the folder and your set!

Do you get it? If not feel free to ask questions in the comments.