Introduction: The Knock Down Plant Stand

Fall is in the air and we have encountered some pretty crisp mornings already here in Tennessee, so it’s time to bring some of our potted plants inside before we receive our first frost.

The question is, where do you put them?

Normally they end up distributed throughout our house around windows and doors which is not always the ideal spot for them or us! So this year I fired up sketchup and began designing a “knockdown plant stand” with a couple of attributes in mind: #1- It would fit in front of a low window in our home office and #2- The ability to  move it outside or store away easily when spring returns and the plants go back outside.

The stand is constructed out of some re-purposed cypress siding that was left over from a previous project and it will survive the elements just fine if we choose to move it outside.

I have free sketchup plans available for download on our website  if you are interested in building one.