Introduction: The Lighted Fume Extractor

You may of seen this before in a mint tin. This is a version with a built in light. So don't think that I will tell you to do the same thing. This version is different. I hope you can build this better than I did, This I did in like 30 min. Try harder that I did.....

---Please note:
You will run out of power quicker with normal.
The leds need more power.
I now suggest getting a external power supply hooked up instead of the batteries, do what you want though it's your'e own project.
And also I now removed the leds from mine, because of this.
And if you use a external supply you can use 2 fans instead of 1, just make another hole.
so yeah..

Step 1: Make the Circut!

Just follow the schematic below. Please note you can substitute 19v instead of 2 a 7805 instead of a 7812 and a 5v fan instead of a 12v fan. You can either place the leds after the switch or voltage regulator. with the - going to the battery.

Step 2: Cram the Stuff in Your Tin

add a hole in your tin or box so the switch fits and also so the leds fit don't forget the airway for the fan and filter. So then just fit all the components in the tin and close it up. so thats like it pretty much. send me a comment about anything. See ya1

Step 3: Test It Out!

Turn it on and test it out NOTE the metal part of the voltage regulator is the ground so make sure it doesn't touch the tin.

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