The Mad Scientist Halloween Buffet With "Andipasti" the Edible Skeleton.




Introduction: The Mad Scientist Halloween Buffet With "Andipasti" the Edible Skeleton.

I had a real thing last Halloween for skeletons and when I found “Andi”, who had started life as parts to a build-your-own-skeleton magazine, I knew that we would have to do something special with him.  We decided on a Mad Scientist theme for our annual party but, as we live in a very cottage, it couldn’t be too clinical, so we went for a vintage/gothic Mad Scientist buffet with our very special centrepiece!

You will need:

1. One plastic skeleton, greaseproof paper, cling film, a serving board long enough for the skeleton to be rested on, a selection of antipasti meats and accompaniments.
As befits a Mad Scientist’s centrepiece, “Andipasti” was served on an autopsy table. The table was an old shelf which was cleaned and covered in a length of greaseproof paper.  “Andi” was arranged on the board and the areas onto which we laid the meats were first covered tightly with cling film.  The antipasti meats were then laid out to recover his bones, strips of parma ham for ribs, a chorizo heart etc. 

2. Assorted jars and bottles.
The labels were removed and the lids/caps/stoppers painted with black gloss paint. They were then re-labelled with a selection of free labels found on the intranet and used to hold assorted drinks, dips, dressings, condiments, sweets and sides (the homemade sundried tomatoes aka Goblin Brains went down very well!)

3. Laboratory beakers/flasks and test tubes.
Bought from ebay, the beakers make great holders for soup, which was served in the test tubes.

4. Halloween crows.
Every Mad Scientist needs a few companion crows.  They perched around the table, keeping watch on the food and an eye on Andipasti!

5. A buffet.
We served soup, stuffed peppers (Ogre’s toes), sweet & sour chorizo, guacamole and mozzarella balls in a pesto sauce (Giant’s Snotballs, I have an 11yr old!) plus a selection of breads, salads, lasagne and baked potatoes.

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    8 years ago

    I love ur ideas! So awesome. I love Halloween so I wanna do this stuff


    9 years ago on Introduction

    i think i could make an edible skeleton of white cheese but for the arms and hands.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! I have to say I loved this... would do it again this year if I could :)