Introduction: The Makey Makey Door Mat Helper

Imagine you are getting ready to leave your house and you are on the move! Just when you are about to walk out the door, you remember you did not bring your phone. When you go back to get it, you realize that you don’t know where you placed.

Many of us have been there but there’s hope! This invention will help you to take preventative measures so that you are less likely to have this problem again. Meet, the Door Mat Helper! Now, when you come back home, you will be greeted with a friendly reminder to place your phone, keys, wallet, or other belongings safely and securely away. You’ll be ready to go next day.


Trifold board (Small or medium)

Masking Tape Duck Tape ( for added security)

Bottle Caps (8x)

Cardboard pieces

Aluminum Foil

Door Mat


Fastener Dots

Makey Makey Cables of Course!!!

Step 1: Step 1: Prep Your Tri-Fold Board

Open your trifold board. Tape aluminum foil to both wings of the tri-fold board. Make sure they are covered completely. Cover the middle section of the tri-fold with aluminum foil. Again, secure with tape.

Step 2: Step 2: Add Inserts to Tri-fold Board

First, attach fastener dots to each bottle cap. Then fold four small sized cardboards in half. Attach the bottle caps on the inside of each cardboard and tape the cardboards down near the outer creases of the tri-fold board.

Lastly, attach the four remaining bottle caps near the inner creases of the tri-fold board. (Two bottle cap and two cardboards on each side.)

*Use picture for reference.

Step 3: Step 3: Secure Tri-fold Board for Use With Makey Makey

Close the trifold board and make sure everything is fastened firmly. Add adhesive dots to the outside of the tri-fold and on also onto a small sized cardboard. Once adhesives are on, attache the cardboard piece to the adhesives on the tri-fold board to keep the tri-fold closed.

Step 4: Step 4: Connect Clips to Tri-Fold

Flip the tri-fold board onto the other side and attach the makey makey clips as shown in the picture. The black clip will be attached to the middle section of the tri-fold. The yellow clip will be attached to the left or right wing. You will be using "earth" and " the right arrow key". You can of course, choose any other key as you desire.

*You will notice that I attached two gator clips to each other. This was to spread the connect between the tri-fold and the makey makey.

Step 5: Step 5: Connect and Try!

Using the coding in the picture (top coding only), step onto you door mat helper and give it a try. Once working, then place your door mat on top of the tri-fold. If the door mat is too heavy, try placing more bottle caps inside the tri-fold near the creases.

* Before placing my door mat on to of the tri-fold, I covered my tri-fold with some wax paper. I used this as an added precaution in case of a rainy day. May not be much but was worth the try.

There you have it! One helpful door mat at your service!