Introduction: The ManiCURE: Nail'ed It!

Together, we partnered with the Amputee Coalition of America to design a device that would help individuals with an upper extremity amputation paint their nails. Our problem was two-fold, therefore, our design had to be two-fold as well. The ManiCURE was created to solve two major problems: opening a nail polish bottle with the limitation of only one upper extremity, and the task of painting your nails with one upper extremity. This is solved through our two-platform system: the first platform being purposed to help open the bottle, and the second platform being purposed to hold the brush in place so that the user can paint their nails.

Step 1: Printing

1. This device utilizes three stl. files (the base, top platform and columns) which will need to be uploaded to the printer in order to be printed. Keep in mind that the printer that should be used to print the top platform and base platform files will need to be large enough to accommodate an 8x8 inch print.

2. Each file must be printed once with the exception of the file which contains the columns. This file will need to be printed four times because four separate columns are needed for the completion of this device.

Step 2: Assembly of Device

1. Once files are printed, for assembly of the device begin by inserting each of the four columns into their respective holes on the base piece of the device.

2. Once all columns are in place on the base, insert top ends of each column into their respective holes on the top platform of the device so that it is suspended securely above the base.

Step 3: Opening the Bottle

1. To open the bottle using the ManiCURE, begin by placing the nail polish bottle between the two pegs on the base of the device, which will serve to hold the bottle in place.

2. Now that the bottle is secure at the base of the device, grab hold of the bottle cap and twist so that the cap is removed, leaving the bottle between the pegs.

Step 4: Application

Now that the bottle has been opened, it is time to start application.

1. To begin, insert the brush into the hole on the top platform of the ManiCURE, pushing the brush through so that the head of the brush is suspended between the top platform and the device's base.

2. Once the brush is in place, insert your hand between the base and the upper platform, running each nail beneath the brush head to apply polish.

3. If needed, remove the brush from the hole to apply more polish to the brush before returning it to the hole so that it rests in the upper platform.

4. Repeat this process until all nails are properly painted.