Introduction: The Mans Man Screwdriver

I called it the Man's Man multi-tool, because it has everything you need in itself. For any quick repair, with little to no hassle..


Cheap screwdriver set, replace with kobalt socket and adapter. One star bit, a phillips head set, a flat head set, a magnetic slide drive guide, adjustable drill adapter, cheap rubber holding case.

Step 1: The Idea

My wife showed me her tools and one thing stood out. A extendable magnetized screwdriver set. I can't afford my wife tools so I created my version, she gave me adore you look and shook her head.

Step 2: Reason..

Making this multi-tool is a great idea to keeping it simple. And you can make your very own with little cost and a little bit of time.

Step 3: Why

I call it 'The mans Man multi-tool, because it has everything at the touch of your hand in itself.For any quick repair. No more digging for bits, and no more losing bits either.

Step 4: Supplies

Cheap dollar tree screwdriver set. Replace the set with kobalt sockets and star bit set. Phillips and flat head set. Mounted a magnetic nail drive guide.. Adjustable drill adapter. Then a cheap rubber holding case.
Makes a nice little screw driver..

Step 5: Ending Statement.

No more looking for the right bit, or dropping them as you work.

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