Introduction: The Most Advanced Flashlight - COB LED, UV LED, and Laser Inside

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There are many flashlights out on the market that have the same use and differ in degree of brightness, but I have never seen a flashlight that has more than one type of light in it.
In this project, I collected 3 types of lights in one flashlight, I used my old flashlight body to insert super bright COB LED, 8x UV LEDs 385nm, and laser.

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This 3 in 1 Flashlight is easy for everyone to make at home with simple materials, you need:

  • White COB LED
  • 8x UV LEDs 385 nm or more
  • Laser module
  • DC-DC step-up converter module
  • TC4056A charging board
  • 2-9x 18650 batteries
  • Big old flashlight

Step 1: Preparing the Battery

The old flashlight I want to upgrade, it has a big battery 6V 4R25 that when this battery is empty you can not use it again it is not rechargeable, it is a waste of material and money.

I opened the battery carefully and slowly and get out the 4 cells inside it. I want the same technic for this flashlight to replace the battery very easy, so I took the empty body of the battery and added 4x 18650 batteries 3.7V in parallel inside it, you can add up to 9 batteries in this box, but now it is easy to re-upgrade the battery.

Step 2: Collecting the LEDs

These LEDs need a big heatsink, so the best choice I have is the heatsink of the spotlight. I modified the heatsink to place all LEDs on it, I used 7W white COB LED, 8x UV LED 385 nm, and red laser module 5mW 650nm. I applied the thermal paste to the big COB and fixed it with screws, I isolated the pins of the UV LEDs and inserted them in the grills of the heatsink, and fixed the laser module with 7000B glue.

Step 3: Preparing the Flashlight Body

My old flashlight has a big empty body, but it wants many modifications to add the new materials. I widened the reflector and opened a place for the new two switches and a place for the big heatsink and the circuits. Also, I redesigned the specification print on the flashlight body side.

Step 4: Connecting

Here is the hardest step to place everything and connect them together, I used a DC-DC step-up converter module to power the 7W LED (21V - 23V), and two 4.7 Ohm resistor in parallel to limit the current for the eight UV LEDs and work on 3.4V if the battery is full 4.2V, and the red laser module connected directly to the output pins of the charging board TC4056A. The main switch of the flashlight for the super bright COB LED and added two switches for the UV light and laser.

Step 5: Test

I am very satisfied and surprised with this flashlight, it has super bright light and UV light and strong laser, you can use them at the same time and using one flashlight.

It is very useful for camping, money detector, and discovering.

Sorry for the bad quality images and video in the dark views, I can not get the full experience of this advanced flashlight with my mobile camera.

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