Introduction: Water Level Indicator With Temporary Alarm & Water Flow Sensor

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There are many countries and people who depend on the water tank to get the water for their home as I am. In the lockdown, my dad keeps climbing the stairs to know the water level and to secure our home needs from water, and it is very dangerous to go up the stairs every day, so I decided to make a water level indicator to save my dad and let him see the water level on his couch.
I made 6 levels of water indicator with a temporary alarm & water flow sensor. Buy or DIY, I preferred to make it by myself because it will be cheaper and has more options didn't available in the market.

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This water level indicator is easy for everyone to make at home with simple materials, you need:

  • Circuit components
  • Box
  • Ethernet cable or any 8 wires cable
  • Tube
  • Hot glue
  • Solder iron
  • Drill

Step 1: Circuit

There are many ways to make a water level indicator circuit using transistors or IC, I used ULN2003 ic, it is like 7 transistors connected together it is very suitable for this project. I took 6 pins from the ic for 6 water level and one for water flow.
Also, I connected a temporary buzzer to level 6 using NE555 ic and it is adjustable from 1 to 110 second. I set the buzzer to work 30 seconds only, I feel it is enough to attract your attention.

All the components you need in the picture.

Step 2: Design

I made a new design and elegant more different from the shop product using Adobe Illustrator. I used a plastic box 12x8x4 cm and I glued the design on it. Then I opened all the LEDs and switches' holes using a drill and mini drill.

Step 3: Connecting

Here I fixed the circuit board on the box and connected it to the main switch, buzzer switch, and variable resistor, which is connected to the 555 ic to adjust the alarm time.
I used ethernet cable because it has 8 wire as my project need, and connected it to the board by screw terminal block. I tested the project on a big cup before connected it with the probe sensor.

Step 4: Probe Sensors

I used a tube from the sanitary equipment to assemble all 8 wires in one body and add the tube in the water tank, where you want to adjust the levels as you want and add level 6 as a full tank indicator.

I added the water flow sensor across the water flow tube, and be sure that the fountain touching the wire, so the water flow sensor will connect the VCC through the fountain.

Step 5: Test

Finally, the project is done and everything goes as I planned, by this indicator I see the water level so easily without wasting time and water.
The most important thing, that my dad loved this project and stoped climbing the stairs every day.

This project is safe for water and the human body so do not worry to add cables to the water, they are like sensors.

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