The Muffin Man or Chef Paper Craft (EASY)




Introduction: The Muffin Man or Chef Paper Craft (EASY)

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This instructable will give you the step by step to create your own muffin man (or chef) out of paper using cheap and easy to use materials.  Your chef could be the muffin man, purple pie man, wolf gang puck and many other characters from literature, TV, movies and games.

This is a very easy and cheap creation to add to any classroom lesson.  Anyone younger than second grade will need more than one day of work, and pre-cut items might be helpful.  Anyone younger than 5th grade you may want to break the lesson up.  Do not fear, any K-12 grade level can be successful with this, you just might need to modify what steps they do.  Pre-cutting templates for instance might be helpful.  Working in small groups may be a good idea.  You name it modifications can be made and I'm more than happy to help you come up with those modification. :)

Please see my other paper craft instructables for other ideas as well:

Little Girl Paper Craft
Pirate Paper Craft
Swan Paper Craft
Airplane Paper Craft

Lesson Ideas:

Geography (where the chef, story, recipe originated from, where they were written...learning the continents, oceans)

Basic body terminology (torso, arms, legs, pelvis)

History lesson(s)

Cooking Lesson

Following basic directions

Learning how to write expository text, narrative, instructional

Art lesson for any season

Puppet theater

Learning new key words (these can very from lesson to lesson)


I'd love to hear any ideas you might have for lessons!

Step 1: Materials Needed

Materials needed:

Paper (Construction Recommended)
Glue (Elmers)
Hole Punch

Materials Recommended But Not needed:

Paper Clips
Permanent Marker (many colors or one)
White Paint
White Out
Tooth Pick
Exact Knife

Paper is not the only way this gal could be made, some other thoughts on what you could create this guy out of are listed below:

Paper mache
You name it you could likely use it!

Step 2: Cut Out the Templates

Open up the PDF, print out and cut out all of your templates needed for your little gal.

I had some old school templates left to me by a former school teacher long ago, I've modified them to make creating paper people easier.  This basic design can be used and changed to make other characters.  As I work on creating those and different bells and whistles, I'll post those instructions as well.

Step 3: Head

Time to get out the peach construction paper.  After making the pirate I realize a template laid out might be easier than one that had to be cut on fold .

If you like you can draw around the template then cut, I however just hold the template in place then cut away.  Do whatever you are comfortable with.

Cut our your template and get your glue ready.  On the template you will see a line to place glue to.  (the smaller dotted lines).  I fold the paper on that line then place the glue.

I glue the top part of the head together, again I used a paper clip to hold it in place.  Then glue the neck area together.  Again use a paper clip to hold it in place.

Note: It does not matter what color you choose to use for this part, just remember whatever part of the skin is showing should be the same color during the entire project.  For this 'able I used peach.

Step 4: Arms & Hands

Use the template and cut out two arms.  Fold on the small dotted line and place glue.  Roll the arm and glue it together.  Use paper clips to hold it in place.

Cut strips of peach paper and roll for hands.  Glue inside the arm.

Step 5: Legs & Shoes

Take the full leg template and cut out legs in your choice of pant color.  Then decided what color the shoes of your chef will be.  I went with a plain white. Cut out two.

Put glue on the outside of each leg and roll them together and hold them in place with a paper clip.  Place glue all around the inside of the shoe and glue it onto the leg then glue the legs together.

Step 6: Hat & Head

Cut out the hat pattern in the color of your choice for your chef hat.  I decided on white.  I also cut out a black mustache and hair as well as reading my marker for eyes and nose details.

For the hair I took a black piece of paper and cut small slits.  I then rolled the ends.  I trimmed the ends off until I was happy with the length for the back of the hair, then used the pieces I cut off for the side of the chef's head.

You will also notice from the picture when I glued the top of the chef hat on, I turned the head upside down and pushed down.  This gave me a nice bow to the hat to get a cartoon like feel chef hat.

Step 7: Chef Coat

Some people call this an apron, which I think is silly.  Real chef's wear a coat.  Cut out the coat from the pattern.  Glue the edge of the coat and paper clip together.  put glue around the head of the chef and place it inside the coat.  You can then add details to the coat. I used a hole punch and made buttons out of the same color as my chefs ppants.  I then drew on a pocket and a thermometer.

Step 8: Add the Arms and Legs

Take your created arms and glue them to either side of the chef.  Then add a piece of paper that makes a U hape and glue them inside the pant legs.  The color here does not matter.  Put glue on top of that piece of paper and set your chef on top.  Now time to set him aside to dry.

You will see a few different looks of chefs.  I made one at work yesterday and gave it away and made the new one tonight.  You can see how a few differences really change the look of this little paper guy, I'll likely make a female chef eventually and post her here as well.

I can't wait to see what you come up with!  Keep your eye on me for more to come!

Remember You can choose any color paper you like, you might also want to use white paper and color the paper using crayons.  Just make sure you color before gluing.

I would love to see your paper doll  and hear of his/her adventures.  Feel free to ask questions I will do my best to help you out and keep your eye out for more paper crafts from me to come!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I so appreciate your interest. I did make a chef and adapted it but was not satisfied with it. Mainly because my grand daughter is more like the blonde girl than anything so I might make a girl, dress and all, then use black and white check for an apron and a check bakery hat. Like a round pill box hat. I can't wait i'm re-inspired.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    He is so cheeky, I love him. My grand-daughter is a pastry chef here in Australia and I hope to adapt this and little girl to look more like a female chef. (she hasn't got a moustache) Ha! Ha! Here's hoping. If you have any ideas I would be very grateful They all wear black and white check pants with a polo type top in white with a black collar and a large white apron.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Check out the paper craft I did with the little girl, I think you could easily add hair to make this chef female :)

    Wow! I didn't scroll down until just now. Your other characters put a big smile on my face too. Sure wish i was a student in your class


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    YAY! Always glad a smile springs up! In good news your student can be sorta in my class by using my instructables. :) Always happy to help you out if you get stuck as well. Thanks for checking me out!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I'd love to see some pics of a small child making one of these. Show us that even kids can do it. (Because I am terrible at papercraft and need an even-kids-can-do-it kick in the pants to gain the confidence to start.)


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Oh and wilgubeast You could create anything I've posted in paper craft so far.  If you think it would help I can make templates even for the hair. :)  I like to make art accessible and have people be successful. I won't say something is easy if its hard, I don't like to burst peoples bubbles.  If I have some times I'll video me creating one, that might boost your confidence. :)


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Not a problem, I can see if I can get that accomplished. :) This is not a real young child project unless you pre-cut all the paper, and even then the mortar skills may not be there. I would say the ideal age to use this with a child would be 7 or 8 to start. For sure by 10, this is something that can be accomplished. I'm using this in my classroom next year with 3rd and 4th graders and at a summer camp this summer. I will see if I can borrow a child and have them create this and take pictures. What I would suggest for teachers is to use their smartboard to display the instrctions and every child have a copy of the pattern. It could be printed out on card stock. Then they could go step by step putting the paper craft together. The great thing about it being on instructables and in a step by step, you can easily go back if someone missed a step. Of those I've made thus far (and there are more to come I made the green goblin last night but I need to take him apart and make templates) I would say the girl is the easiest. However, currently the pirate is my favorite....but that said I'm fond of the chef too. I was thinking about giving him a big fork or spoon lol. Another fun thing to use these for would be cake toppers. Instead of paper one could use the thin foam you find at craft stores or big box craft areas. I might make one using that and post it as well. I did get asked just today if I would make some for a colleges classroom as book characters for them to hold and act out stories, so I have some templates to tweek and create for those. I promise to post those as well. :)