Introduction: The Never-ending Maze

Welcome to the shifting maze!

I enjoy doing mazes, but they're only ever fun until you solve it. They're a one-time use puzzle. I wanted to make a maze that could be replayed for as long as you were willing to play it.


  • Paper - any kind
  • Pencil
  • Marker/Pen - something that's not a pencil
  • Scissors
  • A box (optional)
  • Ruler (optional)

Step 1: Set-up

With your pencil, draw a box on the paper. This is going to be the area of your maze. (You could use any shape as your maze base. I went with a box to keep things simple.)

I used to ruler to make my maze precisely 3 x 3, however you can make the maze whatever size or shape you want.

After you've drawn your box, divide the area into sections. Later, these will be the pieces you cut. I made my pieces 1 x 1, but again, you can make the pieces whatever size or shape you want.

Step 2: Start the Maze

When designing the maze, start with the end point, the center in this instance, and navigate back to the start. Despite cutting the maze up later, it's good to at least have a "winning road" in the base maze.

Step 3: Finish the Maze

After you've made your "winning road", fill in the rest of the maze with dead-ends and misleading paths. Before you ink the walls, try testing the base maze on a friend or family member to see if anything needs to be changed such as, they didn't know where to end, or they solved it too quickly.

After you're satisfied with the layout, ink the walls. I used black here, but feel free to use whatever color you'd like.

Step 4: Cut the Maze

Now that you've completed your maze, use your scissors to cut it up into the pieces you outlined before.

Step 5: Box of Randomness

Put the pieces in your box and go find a test subject.

Step 6: Have Fun!

Once you've located a challenger, shuffle your pieces and see how they do!

The rules can be up to you. My rules were:

  • Reconstruct the maze using all 9 pieces. (Doesn't mean they have to cross all the pieces to get to the end.)
  • The black borders don't have to match up perfectly.
  • They can rearrange the maze into any shape. It does not have to be a square.
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