Introduction: The Original Rocket Cars

These are the original rocket powered Match-Box cars. Here are some other instructables like it:
Rocket Cars and Rocket Fun

Step 1: Get Materials

1 Package Of Mini-Rocket Engines, 7 Dollars (A10-3T OR A10-PT)
1 Roll Of Duck Tape, Free
A Few Matchbox Cars
An Electric Model Rocket Igniter

Step 2: Construction

In this step we make the actual car.
1) Cut A 1/2 inch by 8 inch piece of duck tape.
2) Place engine on roof and tape on.
3) Insert igniter and plug in engine (like A normal model rocket).

Step 3: Watch Out for a Flying Hunk of Plastic and Metal

All you do is:
1)Put car on a flat and smooth surface (road, driveway)
2)Hook up the launcher look at pictures.
4)Watch the car spin, fly, explode(just kidding), and maybe even go strait for a couple of feet .

Step 4: Update

Kiteman suggested a way to keep it under control. Here it is:
tape a straw to the top and have it run along a string, maybe even have races. and yes this was also made before someone copied it

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