Introduction: The Penguin

Have you ever wonder why people like penguins? Well I can't answer that question exactly. There are many reasons why, like that cute face of theirs, but why are you here. Are you here because it talks about a penguin or you really want to make a penguin army.

Well your in luck; introducing the penguin. You might be thinking, why do I need a paper penguin? Is it because I'm lonely during quarantine or your'e bored so you don't have anything else to do. Maybe, but back to the penguin. The penguin is like a little friend you can keep by with you or throwing it away because your'e not satisfied.

Let's get started by getting the materials!


1 Roll of tape

A pair of scissors

A piece of printer paper


Step 1: Getting Started!

First, go grab your materials and arrange them in an orderly fashion so the essential stuff don't get lost in your probably messy desk. Then prepare your paper by cutting it into equal 1/4 pieces. You'll need two of the fourths for this project, but keep the other pieces.

Step 2: Making the Main Body!

Start by folding one of your 1/4 piece into 5 sections from the shorter side (please reference the image above if stuck). Then proceed to make a hollow rectangle (I don't know what to call it) by rolling up the paper and tape it. After, cut slits on the length sides by folding the flat side and cutting near the middle to make room for the arms later.

Step 3: Time for the Arms!

Making the arms

Remember that second 1/4 sheet of paper, now it's time to use it! For this step use the slits you cut on the body for reference (use a pencil to mark the length). When you find the size of your slit, cut a strip of paper in the 1/4 sheet lengthwise and fold this in half. You can round the arms if desired.

Inserting arms into the body

Grab your arms and insert the arms by put them in the slots one side to the other. This is the hardest part of the project. You might get a prism doing a T pose. Now press down the arms a little to create a V inside of the body.

Step 4: Now for the Feet and Tail!

Get your remaining paper from the arms and cut in half lengthwise. Fold the pieces into 3 sections from and half the middle section. Place the paper you just folded into your penguin and tape with a rolled up tape on one side and a singular piece for the other.

The tail

Now on the side with the double sided tape fold into three even sections (shown above).

The feet

On the opposite side, cut in the middle to create the feet.

Step 5: The Finishing Touches!

Curve the head into a oval shape, and the same with the feet. Draw whatever face, beak, and hair you want. (you can be creative in this stage). You can change the penguin in this step as well.

Step 6: Finished!

Congrats! You finished the penguin! This project can make two penguins or if your ambitious you can also make a whole army. Otherwise, hopefully you got more productivity done within these few minutes. The arms were inspired by a pop-up card so maybe that interesting.