Introduction: The RGB Led Controller

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Hello Guys
Ηere's a pretty easy guide, for led rgb, where you can set the colors wirelessly. It can be installed in any interior space exept the toilet : P

The video will teach you how to make the circuit.

Enjoy the video!


  • Power Supply
  • RF Controller
  • RGB Led Strip
  • DC Power Plug Jack adaptador (male)
  • Wire

Total cost ~ 30euro

Step 1: Power Supply

Power supply

Caution. must be selected on the basis of the required load (strip rgb Led)

7.2w / m. package of led minimum 5m -> 5m so 7.2w * 5m = 36 Watt

I choose a 50 watt power supply

Step 2: RF Controller

Τhe controller selection is based on the gain as in the power supply, UP 36Watt

Step 3: RGB Led Strip

The minimum package of led is 5 meters . You can find so many and diferent Led strips, in my project i choise 7,2w/m .. 36Watt

Step 4: The Result

The result

Thanks for watching and feel free to support me

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