Introduction: Three Axial Tow Truck (cnc) - PLC

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The present dissertation deals with the programming of the PLC-PS3 of KLOKNER MOELLER, with both purposes the functionality of a mechanical model, the so-called three-axis transport crane and in our case the transport of metal loads. It is essentially a simulator of a three-axis crane that is often found in heavy industry.

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Step 1: Befor & After

This project is like LEGO

Step 2: 3 Free Moves Like a CNC Machines

We will programming this to take a load and place it in the other side.

Step 3: PS3 PLC and Programmer

We will put the STL program in our PLC to command the mechanic 3 Axial Tow Truck


Step 4: Finish Our Quest

You can see how it start and how it finish this quests.

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