Introduction: The Rainbow Furby

Introduction to the Rainbow Furby
The rainbow furby is a furby on a driving platform, controlled by Arduino.
As students, we were asked to make an Artbot. So we chose to make a driving furby who draws rainbows on a large piece of paper.
The patterns it makes are programmed. It makes a couple of nice curved rainbows, some 'donuts' and straight lines.

- Furby
- 5 colourful markers
- wooden boards
- 8 screws
- Arduino + breadboard
- motorshield
- 2 DC motors + wheels + small wheel
- 2 batteries
- tape
- 1 button

How to
1. Cut out the wooden boards in the desirable size. This is how we did it. Don’t forget to drill some wholes for the screws, wheels, wires and markers.

2. Attach the wheels to the motor.

3. Put the wheels between the first and second wooden board. Make sure it’s tight enough to keep the wheels in their place. Secure
both layers with 4 screws.

4. Put the motorshield on the Arduino and connect the motors to the motorshield.

5. Connect a button to the breadboard and Arduino, so you can turn your robot on and off easily.(

6. You can use power from the computer, but it’s easier to use batteries. Altough the motor will use a lot of energy, so it’s recommended to use multiple batteries.

7. Put the third wooden board on top of the others and secure it with the last 4 screws.

8. Use tape to secure everything.

9. Put the markers in the holes.

10. Put the Furby on top of the third board and you’re good to go!

The code the control the motors is in an 'if/else' loop, which is controlled by a simple push button. You can change the speed of the wheels and you can also make the robot turn by turning off one wheel for a certain amount of time. Using this method, you can create beautiful paths for your Furby to follow.

The arduino file is attached below.

Link to the video of Rainbow Furby: