Introduction: The START Button

The START Button actually began as The START Sign. The images I've posted here are a few samples of the many unlimited designs we'll make available on master sheets to make the buttons and signs from. They're the first in a multi-line series of consumer products designed to inspire and help people to overcome their tendencies to avoid, hesitate, resist, or procrastinate on any project, task, or goal that they find unpalatable, unpleasant, maddening, or boring--but that has to be done anyway....The idea behind them is for the user to use them each day--whether in the form of a pinback button, wall plaque, desk sign, screensaver, desktop wallpaper, poster, etc.--to serve as a catalyst in taking the first step in accomplishing that pesky task. By taking the first action step--even if only a baby step, like putting a stamp on an envelope--they will have broken through their resistance, put a dent in their inertia, and begun the process of getting it done.

Whether it's doing taxes or a report, making cold or warm calls, looking for a job, cleaning up clutter, cleaning out the gutters, writing a paper or book, working out, or shaving/bathing/claw-trimming the dog, all it takes is that first vital step. And using these products will provide the self-empowering drive for people to do that--in all situations!

I've had a local printer/promotional items maker make up a small supply of prototypes for me in batches, most of which I've given out at networking events, a few of which I've sold. I'm looking for people who love and know how to "do business" (my least favorite pursuit...) to populate my team and grow it into a thriving company. These products are simply the first of many hundreds of product and invention ideas that we will launch to make a difference in the world and in the quality of people's lives. Currently I'm also in development on another very simple consumer product that serves a very basic need and will be simple, easy, and inexpensive to make.

Please contact me if you'd like to play, transform the world, and become wealthy

Step 1: Getting Started!

First I engaged the services of a promotional products vendor, who found the copyright-free images for me to use as backgrounds for the buttons and signs.

Step 2: Prototype Manufacture

Then they made me some crude prototypes--signs, buttons, bumper stickers, locker magnets, etc.

Step 3: Networking the Idea

Then I went to as many networking meetings, events, and groups as I could find in my area, loaded with bags of buttons in every pocket, and sometimes armed with sign prototypes and promotional literature that I crafted. I dressed up in a sportcoat and tie more times than I care to remember, pockets bulging with samples.....