Introduction: The Secret of a Perfect Shashlik

In this project I am going to explain the secret of a perfect Shashlik. Shashlik, or sish kebab, is a dish of skewered and grilled cubes of meat, and I can tell you: ITS DELICIOUS!!!


Ingredients for 4 kg shashlik:

- 4 kg pork meat

- 1 garlic bulb

- black pepper

- 4 kg white onions

- 4 tablespoons vinegar

- 1 teespoon dried coriander

- 1 bunch of parsley

- 1 teespoon caraway seed

- 750 ml sparkling water

- 500 ml kefir

Step 1: The Meat

Choosing the right meat is one of the most important things when you are doing shashlik. In our case we are using pork neck, but beef, venison or lamb would work too. The more red and tender it is the better. Then you need to cut the pork into 3-3.5 cm cubes

Step 2: Sclicing the Onions, Putting Everything Together

Slice the Onions into thin rings and put all the other ingredients together in a big pot. Close it and let it stand for 24 hours in an cold and dry place. The longer you wait the more flavour the meat will have.

Step 3:

After the long time of waiting you need to put the meat pieces on to a skewer. Grill them slowly at a lower heat and serve them with your prefered vegetables.

And now: Enjoy your meal!

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