Introduction: The Simplest Li-Fi Experiment

Making the simplest Li-Fi by using solar cells.

Introducing the most simple experiment.

Solar panels Features

1. Make electricity.

2. delivering information.

Let's look at it together.

Step 1: Supplies

  • Solar cell
  • 3V Battery
  • LED
  • Speaker
  • Speaker jack
  • Smartphone

Step 2: Turn on LED Light

LED lights up when the LED bulb is connected to the battery.

  • What if you connect a speaker jack between the LED and the battery?

Step 3: Connecting the Speaker Jack

1. Connect the speaker jack between the battery and the LED.

The polarity of the speaker jacks does not matter.

The polarity of the LED and battery is very important.

2. Connect the speaker jack on the phone spot.

You can see the LED bulb blinking.

Step 4: Connecting the Speaker Jack to the Solar Panel

1. Connect the speaker jack to the solar panel.

2. Connect the speaker jack to the earphone or speaker jack.

3. When I put the LED light on the solar panel, the song comes out.

This is a Li-Fi system.