Introduction: The Small Alien

Meet the small alien



Step 1: Step:1

We start with a sphere.

And with the tool grab,

we give it a form of a peach

Step 2: Step:2

now with the tool draw and the invert button on make the eyes

Step 3: Step:3

go to new sphere and choose the option add object.

and use the scale and grab tool to position the eyes.

Step 4: Step:4

With the tool draw and smooth you can make the adjustments you like the most

Step 5: Step:5

Now with draw and the invert on make two little wholes for the nose

Step 6: Step:6

Now with inflate tool and still with invert on make the mouth

Step 7: Step:7

Check it out

Step 8: Step:8

Check it out

Step 9: Step:9

Check it out

Step 10: Step:10

With the grab tool make the ears

Step 11: Step:11

With the draw and smooth tool and the invert on you can add some details to the ears

Step 12: Step:12

Check it out

Step 13: Step:13

Check it out

Step 14: Step:14

With the grab tool make the neck

Step 15: Step:15

Check it out

Step 16: Step:16

Now for the body add a new sphere and don't forget to choose the option "add object

Step 17: Step:17

With the grab tool sculpt something like this

Step 18: Step:18

Again with the grab tool make the arms

Step 19: Step:19

With the inflate tool and the invert button on make a space for the neck

Step 20: Step:20

Now with the draw tool make the shouler blades

Step 21: Step:21

With the grab tool make the legs the same way you made the arms

Step 22: Step:22

With the grab, the draw and the smooth tool sculpt the body the way you like the most

Step 23: Step:23

With the draw tool make the hands and with the help of the grab tool make the finger and the shape of the hand

Step 24: Step:24

For the foots it's the same way that you made the hands. Use the draw and grab tool

Step 25: Step:25

Now with the grab tool and global setting on join the two parts

Step 26: Step:26

Check it out

Step 27: Step:27

Now let's paint the Alien. Make sure the sculpting is the way you like because after you start painting you can't go back.

Step 28: Step:28

In this part use your imagination!

Step 29: Step:29

You can choose a material too

Step 30: Step:30

We choose this one

Step 31: Step:31

Here's our Alien!

Step 32: Step:32

Check it out

Step 33: Step:33

Check it out

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