Introduction: The Spilled Coffee Prank

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Faux spilled coffee is an easy, realistic DIY prop designed to inspire panic and induce profanity.

Just look around. You're probably surrounded by irresistible, deserving targets: The fussy geek-of-a-roommate and his do-not-touch-my PC...  that annoying little sister (who wouldn't loan you 2 bucks last week) and her homework.  Then there's mom, who forces you to clean the whole neighborhood, (but really just your room) and her "Use a coaster, honey!" antique table.

You can literally punk anybody in your immediate vicinity... and here's how:


  • Choice of: styrofoam cup with a plastic spoon, drinking straw, etc.
  • Wax or parchment paper
  •  Wood glue
  • Contact cement
  • Chopped nuts- if you're making the sloppy spoon

  1. Put the cup on a small sheet of wax paper, turned on it's side. Be sure to use a flat surface.
  2. Squeeze a tablespoon of glue inside the cup, allowing some to spill out onto the wax paper.
  3. Squeeze a teaspoon (or so) of additional glue into the spoon and position it inside the cup. 
  4. Let air dry completely (and undisturbed) at room temperature. Mine took about 72 hours
  5. Spread a thin layer of contact cement on top of the dried wood glue. This gives the "spill" a wet look. It'll stay shiny even after it dries.
  6. Once the contact cement has dried, peel away wax paper... your prop is ready for punking!
Directions for Use:

As any great prankster knows, properlystaging this tomfoolery will produce optimal, "WTF!" results.  It's preferable that you be glimpsed with the cup in your hand, prior to the punking. Then again, maybe not... if you want the victim to blame someone else. That's what I call a 2 for 1 prank!  >;-D <-BEG or Big, Evil Grin. (btw... is that emoticon obsolete these days?)

This spilled coffee cup can also double as a seat-saver.  Discreetly place on the tabletop in front of the seat or directly on the seat you'd like to save.  Offending interlopers will give it a wide berth.

You may also opt for The Sloppy Spoon Prank (sans coffee cup) as pictured below.  It's an equally effective prop that can be carried in your pocket, purse or glovebox.  Don't leave home without it! ;-)

Caveat: Due to the unpredictable nature of human excitabilty,  this prank may not be appropriate in the presence of priests, pets, grandmas or children with sensitive ears. 
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