Introduction: The Spring Bag

It is an interactive bag design. And here is the material list:

green silk,

snap button,

copper thread,

LED (green, white, yellow)



fabric glue

Step 1: Cut the Wood Pieces

Use the laser cut machine to cut two wood sheets into pieces.

Step 2: Attach the Wood Pieces to the Fabric

I used fabric glue to make it stable, you can use double sides adhesive tape instead.

Step 3: Add Another Layer of Fabric and Sew Them Together

Make sure that you stretch the fabric before you sew them together.

Step 4: Sew the Snap Buttons and Straps

The holes on wood sheets are cutted for snap button and straps.

Step 5: Finish the Circuit

On one side of the bag, build the circuit as the picture shows. Make sure that you put the LED on the edge of the wood pieces. I used conductive fabric tape to finish the circuit.

Step 6: Sew the Zipper and Build Another Circuit

This part is a little complicated. You need to build the circuit next to the zipper. On one side of the bag, it is a parallel circuit with 3 white LEDs. On another side, sew 2 yellow LEDs and make the circuit as it shows. So that when you zip up and zip down, you can turn on and turn off different LEDs.

Step 7: Test the Circuit

You may want to test the circuit and make sure it works before you sew the two pieces of the bag together.

Step 8: Sew the Two Pieces of the Fabric Together

Step 9: Now You Get a New Bag!