Introduction: The Stone Cabin

Safety first use steel toe shoes, safety glasses and hearing protection where appropriate. My son found the remains of an old stone silo in our field. So all the loose stones were salvaged with the idea to incorporate them into a small cottage.this was also a good opportunity to teach him about each step of the construction process.


Wheel barrow, saws, drills, masonry tools, levels, squares and a tractor with a trailer.

Step 1:

Next a hole was dug so the overall profile of the building would not be too tall. Then a footing was formed and cement poured. Six layers of block were laid around three sides with the stone being used on the door end.

Step 2:

Three brick steps were built leading down to the door and rock retaining rocks built on each side. Everything was framed up, a steel roof installed and siding added. Obviously this was a very involved project but it started with finding some old farm stone that turned into a neat little building.

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