Introduction: The Storable Pasta Rack

About: I play a lot of minecraft and like to work with LED's and some circuitry, but most of all I love to cook and BBQ.
My Mom and Dad love making pasta, well Mom loves making it but Dad loves eating it. To increase her pasta making, Dad built this simple but helpful tool so when mom makes pasta she can hang it up to dry.

I will use google sketch up so you can better view the building process.


Step 1: Parts


1(one) quarter inch bolt half inch long
1(one) quarter inch washer
1(one) quarter inch nut ( the kind you can unscrew with your fingers).


1(one) 1.5in diameter dowel 22inches long
2(two) .5in diameter dowel 18inches long
1(one) 7.5in by 7.5in by .25in board
1(one)2.5 by 2.5 by .1/8in board

Step 2: The Base

Take your 7.5 by 7.5 board and drill a  hole in the middle of it. Take your drill press and drill a 2in diameter hole from the bottom !NOT CUTTING ALL THE WAY THROUGH! Just about half way.

Step 3: The Pole

Take your 2.5 by 2.5in board and cut a hole the same diameter as the bolt. Thread the bolt through the hole.
Cut  two .5in holes in to the dowel. see second pic.
Take your large dowel and center it  on your bolt. Mark it and glue, staple, or nail it to the board, I used glue cause it was around and its only holding pasta.

Step 4: How It Works

Screw the post to the base and thread the 2 little dowels through the top holes.
After making your pasta, hang it on the rack to dry to use some other day.

I added rubber feet so it does't scratch the counter