Introduction: The Teeny Tiny Poem

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Here I am sharing the poem "If" in teeny tiny handwriting which is completely readable too !

The only materials required for this instructable are -

1. Ball-point pen

2. Piece of paper

3. Any poem / phrase / quote you like

4. Lots and lots of patience ( This is a must ! )

Step 1: This Is All You Have to Do..

Start by practicing a few sentences.

Hold your pen very gently. Do not apply too much pressure.

The reason to use ball point pen is it doesn't spread too much on paper. It is easier to control and work with. Make sure the paper you use has a smooth texture.

Try writing your poem in small chunks. Writing tiny can be time consuming.Take break in between. Don't stress your eyes too much. To make it readable it is necessary to write slowly and extremely light.

Try different phrases and poem of your choice. If you are a poet yourself nothing greater than that.

Have fun with teeny tiny writing practice.

: )

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