Introduction: The Ultimate No-Compromise Cupcake ( Eggless )

Stuck at home during lockdown.. and craving for delicious cupcakes ? Then why not bake them at your house !! But don't have all the ingredients ? Don't worry this recipe will help you out !!!


No oven, eggless choco cupcakes

~ cake mix ingredients :

  • Plain flour
  • Oreo powder ( substitute of coco powder )
  • ENO ( substitute of baking powder )
  • salt
  • Milk
  • Vegetable oil
  • Powdered sugar
  • Ghee ( homemade , substitute of butter )

~ cake toppings :

>whipping cream ( homemade)

> sugar-coated fennel seeds ( substitute for sprinkles )

> chocolate topping ( chocolate fudge )

~ Oreo biscuits

~ Oreo dairy milk silk

~ aluminium cupcake moulds

~ aluminium foil

~ Pressure cooker ( no oven )

Step 1: Preparing the Cake Mix

First , take plain flour , Oreo powder ( substitute for coco powder) , ENO ( substitute for baking powder ) , salt (a pinch) , in a bowl and mix well .

Step 2: Making the Cake Batter

Now , take a cup(120 ml) of milk , 30 ml of vegetable oil and add it to the cake mix . Now mix all the contents well, till there are no lumps and it forms a smooth batter .

Step 3: Baking the Cupcakes

Coat the inside of the aluminium moulds with ghee( homemade,substitute for butter ) and pour the batter into the cupcake moulds . Cut a piece of Oreo dairy milk silk chocolate and put one piece in each mould . Now , cover the moulds with aluminium foil .

Preheat a cooker with water for 10 mins . Now, place a stand and place the cupcake moulds . Cover the lid of the cooker and cook for 30 mins.

Step 4: Making Ghee

Collect the butter from milk and store in refrigerator . Blend the butter till it gets thick and then store it in the refrigerator for a few hours . Now, take a pan and preheat for 5 mins . Now add the butter in the pan and cook until it starts boiling . Boil until it attains a liquid state and the solids settle down . Let it settle for a few minutes . Now drain the liquid (ghee) into a jar and store. Let it cool down for some time .

Step 5: Making the Whipping Cream

First prepare icing sugar :

> powdered sugar ( i cup)

> corn flour ( 1 tablespoon)

Mix 1 cup powdered sugar and 1 tablespoon corn flour to make icing sugar . This can be stored and used later.

Now , take 1/4th cup heavy milk ( chilled) and add 2 tablespoon icing sugar in a blender and whip for a few minutes until the milk becomes thick and creamy . Store in refrigerator for some time and again whip the cream to make it creamy . Now the homemade whipping cream is ready !!!

Step 6: Decorating the Cupcake

Finally , the cake is ready ... but something's missing..?? The toppings!!!

After baking, take out the moulds out of the cooker and remove the aluminium foil . Gently remove the cupcakes from the moulds and place them aside .

Making the chocolate topping :

> chocolate fudge

> milk

Melt the chocolate fudge in a beaker and add 30 ml ( depending on the amount of chocolate fudge taken)

and mix well until it forma a slurry .

It's time for the decoration... Add the homemade whipping cream on top of the cupcake first . Then add the chocolate topping on top of it. Finally sprinkle some sugar coated fennel seeds ( substitute for sprinkles).

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