Introduction: The Ultimate Pot Stand for a Penny Can Stove!!!

So I made a penny can stove and spent a lot of looking on the internet for a pot stand for it. I wanted one that was compact light weight & sturdy plus easy to make and cheep. What I found was none of the above! So I designed one myself and this is what I came up with. Plus your going to love it when you see what it is made of.

Step 1: Tools You Will Need.

1. You will need one marker to make marks with.

2. You will need a c-clamp big enough to clamp around the vice.

3. You will need a bench vice.

4. You will need a pair of pliers.

5. You will need a propane torch.

6. You will need a metal hole punch. (This is optional if you integrate the lighting pan into the pot stand.)

7. You will need a hammer.

Step 2: Parts You Will Need.

So here is the best part binder clips!!! It's made with binder clips!! and a little bit of hardware too.

1. You will need 1 bolt and a wing nut that fits the bolt like a 1/4" - 20 coarse thread bolt and nut works fine. But you can use anything as long as you don't go to big or to small.

2. 2 of the large binder clips. (The chip clip size)

2. 2 washers to fit the 1/4" - 20 coarse thread bolt or what ever you use (These are optional I think they help to keep it from binding)

Step 3: The Binder Clips!

Start by taking the handles off of the two binder clips. Just squeeze them from both sides and pull them out.

Step 4: Bending and Marking the Legs of Your Pot Stand.

Now you should have 4 of them. You will need only 3 but keep the fourth one for the next one you make, that way you only need one more binder clip.

1. Grab one side of one of the clip handle and bend it up until it is perpendicular to to the other side. (See picture above)

2. Now do it 2 more times. now you should have 3 of them. (See picture above)

Now this next part is dependent on your pot or pan size you need to mark the clip handles as to where they will be bent around the bolt this will determine how large or small the pot is. (See picture above for more detail)

Step 5: Making the Bend to Start the Rap.

1. Clamp the clip handle in the vice right at the point were you marked it as shown above in the picture .

2. Now bend it 90 degrees as shown. You may need the hammer to do this.

3. Now do this for the other two clip handles until you have all three as shown.

Step 6: Heat and Rap.

Now your going to rap the clip handle around the bolt.

1. Clamp the coarse thread 1/4" - 20 bolt into the vice.

2. Clamp the first of the three clip handles to the side of the vice so the point where you marked it will start the bend around on the bolt. (As shown in the picture above)

3. Now get your torch and pliers and heat the handle and grab end and rap it around the bolt. Note: don't rap it so tight that it won't move it needs to move. (See pictures above)

4. Now do the same for the next two clip handles Note: you do not need to take off the previous clip handles. (See pictures above)

Step 7: Cutting Off the Excess.

Now you need to cut off the excess from when you raped it around the bolt.

1. First take off all three of the clip handles off the bold. Now this is where you find out if you raped them to tight or not. Note: if you did heat it again and use pliers to loosen up.

2. Now clamp one of the clip handles into the vice as shown above.

3. Now take your cold chisel and cut off excess as shown above.

4. Now do the same for the next two so you end up with 3 as shown above.

Step 8: Assembly of Your Pot Stand.

Now your ready to do the assembly of your pot stand.

1. Start by turning the bolt upside down and putting the first clip handle or leg on (as shown above)

2. Now add the next 2 clip handles or legs and the wing nut and that's it your done.

3. Now If you want you can use the two optional washers to help with binding. Put the first clip handle or leg on then a washer then the next clip handle or leg then a washer and the final clip handle or leg then the wing nut.

Step 9: Optional Lighter Pan Integration.

If you want to integrate the lighter pan with with the stand this is how you do it.

1. First put your pot stand on the the lighter pan and use your marker to mark at where your clip handle or legs are this is where the holes need to go. (make sure there in a triangle like the picture above)

2. Next take your hole punch and punch a hole through edge lip where you made your marks and then fish the legs through the holes. Note: through the side of the lip not through the bottom of the pan.

Note: If you use one leg to push through and move it around you can make the holes a little bigger to make it easier to assemble. Also when you put all three legs in you will need to have the wing not backed off, not tight itmake it easier to assemble.

Step 10: Optional Wind Screen.

So now with my new penny can stove and pot stand I needed an easy to carry wind screen. So I made one out of an old pair of jeans and a coat hanger. Now before any one gives me a hard time I know it's not fire proof I'm looking for something cheep and fire proof that can be rolled up and not tare.

1. Cut off the bottom of one of the leg of a pair of blue jeans tall enough to block your stove and pot.

2. Now cut up the leg on one side to make it one long strip of cloth.

3. Next find a coat hanger or stiff wire cut it in to three sections about 1 1/2" longer on each end then the height of the pant leg . One end goes in the ground the other end gets hooked on the top. (See the picture above)

4. Now take the coat hanger and punch 9 holes in the pant leg 3 holes at each end and three in the middle (see the picture above.)

5. Now fish the coat hanger through the holes then s hook the top as shown in picture above.

Now your ready to use it remember is not fire proof light the stove first and get it going then put it in place to increase efficiency of your stove.

Step 11: Check Out How Well Made It Is!

That's it check it out strong light weight compact low cost and easy to make! Great for back packing or for an emergency you can cook with a full size pan! check out the pictures above that two cast iron pans with no problem taking the weight and it fits in your pocket! Thanks for checking it out vote and like it. :)

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