Introduction: The Ultimate Room With Everything You Need to Live and More

When I say this room contains everything, it has everything. Plus, once it's built, water and electricity will be free. This room contains a giant tv with many different gaming consoles, a small kitchen, a septic system that produces the gases that run the house, solar panels, and a well outside. The drawings are more accurate then the 123d photos.

Step 1: The Room

The room is 18x25 feet and can support one to two people. First of all, on the left wall of the room is a 51 inch tv that cost $550 at best buy. 12 feet away from the tv is a $1000 couch that the owners will sit in and watch the tv from. Underneath the tv is a Blu Ray player with Netflix for movies and DVDs that cost $90. There is a cable box under the tv for watching tv live costing $5 a month (we rent ours from optimum). There is an Xbox under the tv for $300 with games worth up to $150. Next to the couch at a 45 degree angle is a recliner chair for $500. There is a ping pong table, a pool table, and a air hockey table. These in all will cost $2000. The total cost of this part is $4,590.

Step 2: Adjacent Rooms

Next to the main room, you can have a bedroom. There is enough space. In my bed room I put an armoire to be fancy and a bed. This is not part of my room, it is just something to have if you want to live in the room. Next to the bedroom is a bathroom, and next to the bathroom is a green house. I want this room to be as cheap as possible and to be able to run for a while on its own. This room is not big enough to completely fill the room, but it will pay for a few meals. In the corner is a kitchenette. It includes a sink, a stove, an oven, shelves, and a pantry. This is where you can prepare food.

Step 3: Power and Water Source

Outside the house the waste from the toilet runs to the septic tank. The septic tank produces methane gas that can be used to run the house. This system has been proven to work in Japan where septic tanks have been equipped with methane collectors which store the gas and use it in a generator to create electricity. If this isn't enough there will be solar panels on the roof to provide enough electricity to power the house. The water will come from a well in the back of the house.

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