Introduction: The Universally Flattering Lip Color

OCC Lip Tar in Pretty Boy is my favorite lip color of all time. I love it because it's 1) the best hot pink ever, 2) aggressively feminine, 3) has a richer pigmentation than any lip color I've ever used, 4) stays on your lips forever. Like, your lips will be stained hot pink for days, which is great if you're as deeply committed to the color as I am.

In the following steps I will show you how to apply Lip Tar and then prove to you my theory that Pretty Boy is universally flattering for all skin tones!

(Note: I tried to link to OCC's website but it seems to be down, so here's the product on Sephora's site.)

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

First of all, I'd like to direct you to this great tutorial on how to apply Lip Tar by Lauren Walker of XO Vain, one of my favorite beauty websites. Check that out - her tutorial involves applying setting powder.

I've experimented with the setting powder, and it works fine. OCC recommends using their Lip Primer, which also works fine (I'd link to their tutorial but their website's down. I believe they include instructions in the packaging for Lip Tar). I've experimented to come up with my own application process, which involves pre-lining with concealer.

You'll Need:

  1. Lip Tar in Pretty Boy
  2. Concealer (Shown: Kett Cosmetics Fixx Creme Olive Palette)
  3. Concealer brush (Shown: Esum W19)
  4. Lip brush (Shown: Esum G09 - Lip Tar also comes with its own lip brush which works great. I just prefer the longer handle of the Esum brush)

Step 2: Applying Lip Tar

  1. Prep: Start with clean, hydrated skin and lips.
  2. Prime: Warm the concealer on the inside of your wrist and apply it all the way around your lips with the concealer brush. This will prevent the color from bleeding.
  3. Fill: As I mentioned earlier, Lip Tar is incredibly richly pigmented. Squeeze out maybe a 2-square-millimeter-sized bead onto your brush and fill in your lips. Press your lips together to make sure it's even.
  4. Outline: Go back in and outline your lips. You can get a really crisp line with a lip brush, either your own or the one included in the packaging.
  5. Finish: Blot with tissue, repeat if you want it to be even more vibrant, and voila!

Go to the next step if you want to see Pretty Boy on a diversity of models - I stopped at 5, but I want to keep testing it on more people for kicks. (No, I'm not being paid by OCC to write this tutorial, ha!)

Step 3: Proof That This Color Is Universally Flattering!

Here are some of my beautiful friends modeling OCC's Lip Tar in Pretty Boy. What do you think? They all look pretty great in it, wouldn't you say? I love how it "reads" differently on different people - like on the first model, it reads like a true hot pink, whereas on the second model it looks like a red wine stain, and on the third model it looks almost bubblegum pink. You can experiment with different opacities as well to create everything from a stain to totally opaque coverage or layer it with lipgloss! It's incredibly versatile. Have fun with it!

Thanks for reading this Instructable! You can follow me on Instagram at @KirikoKikuchi or shoot me an email at (Send me pics of yourself wearing Pretty Boy, and I'll add it to the above collection!)