The Upcycled DIY Curtain Skirt Tutorial

Introduction: The Upcycled DIY Curtain Skirt Tutorial

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Create an adorable floaty skirt from that sheer thrifted curtain with my quick & easy tutorial.

For loads of DIY tips, tutorials and ethical sustainable style inspiration visit my Confessions of a Refashionista!

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    5 years ago

    Nice and the video isn't full of filler! That's important.

    I've made many of these (but have no images handy) and many have been great. A frequent variation when my girls were young was to attach the "found fabric" to a basic t-shirt from the sewing and craft supply stores M******* or J*-**** (not the W*&%#)@! one!). I'd cut the t-shirt to an appropriate back waist length and just sew the fabric on and often end up with a most adored dress.

    I wonder why you cut off the entire top hem of the curtain along with the tabs instead of just the tabs? For your demo it seemed the tabs were stitched with the hem, folded up and stitched into place with a single line of straight stitch so picking out the straight stitch and removing the tabs or even picking out the small areas holding the tabs into the hem could've saved tedious folding and pressing time and you'd end up with an all over smoother hem. Depending on how cheaply constructed it was originally the entire thread may have pulled out at once to release all the tabs and you'd just have to restitch. I'd put in a few pins as insurance against the hem rolling when the thread was taken out.

    Has anyone else bought really cheap stuff... or not so cheap with an elastic waistband and be subjected to the constant roll over? It seems to happen more than anything I've made myself. I was hoping you had a magical fix for that anyway that could even involve a regular machine and fairly usual elastic. It's more likely I'll find a serger and unique elastic fix.

    I think I have 1.5 line spacing. I'll try to figure out why and come back for this.