The Vehicle of Mouse Destruction




Introduction: The Vehicle of Mouse Destruction

Materials Needed:

-4 Pens

-4 CD's

-3 foot long wood sticks

-Mouse trap

-Hot glue

-Plastic Hanger

-Fishing wire

2 large balloons

Step 1: Step 1: the Axles

To begin the building process

-Cut a large balloon in half and place over 2 CD's

-Take a pen and remove the head of it

-Place the 2 Cd's on the pen (as shown above)

- And take the pen tops and hot glue them to the outsides of the CD's

-Take a toothpick and cut 1/4 off of it

-Hot glue to middle of pen

-Repeat these steps without using balloons over the other 2 CD's

Step 2: Step 2: the Body

-Take 2 footlong wood sticks and the front and back axles and place between the wooden sticks (This is to determine how wide to make the body)

-Mark where the end of the wheels are on the wood

Step 3: Step 3: the Body

-Place the pen caps on the marked places of the wooden sticks and hot glue them down

-Take the other footlong wooden stick and cut it in half

-Place the 2 half sticks on the 2 large sticks

-Place the 1st one in the middle of the 2 sticks and the 2nd one in the front/close to the back of the front axles

-Hot Glue them down

Step 4: Step 4: Putting It Together

-Place the 2 axles in the pen caps

-Hot glue them down without trapping them from spinning

(Make sure the wheels with the balloons are the back axles)

Step 5: Final Step

-Take the mousetrap and cut off half of the lever arm

-Take the plastic hanger and cut it so the straight part is the only thing left

-The hanger should be hallow/ place one end of the hanger into the cut lever arm of the mousetrap and hot glue it in

-Take the piece of mousetrap ever and hot glue into the other end of the hallow hanger

-Cut off 2 feet of fishing wire

-Make a hole in the top of the fishing wire and hot glue it to the lever placed inside the hanger

Step 6: How to Work

With the finished product take the fishing wire and hook the loop made at the top to the toothpick glued at the middle of the back axle

-To make it move wind the back wheels and tighten the wire/pulling the hanger back

-Place car on the ground and release the back wheels

Step 7: Video of Finished Product

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