Introduction: The Walking Dead Cake

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Halloween may be over, but here's how to make a somewhat playful cake version of the epic 'Don't Open Dead Inside' door scene from the first episode of The Walking Dead.

For this project, you'll need to bake a square cake, any size that you'd like.

You'll also need:


Fondant: Green, gray, and brown

Gel Dye: Black, red

Silver Luster Dush

Xacto Knife (or similar)

Clean Paint Brush

Step 1: Cover It Green

1. Start by covering the cake in an entire layer of frosting. Using a knife, make an indent down the entire center of the cake then carve out a small groove. This will be the opening of the two doors.

2. Next, cover the entire cake in a layer of green fondant and smooth onto the cake making sure to remove any air pockets. Remember to smooth the fondant into the center crease to make it stand out.

Step 2: Painted Details

3. Roll out the gray fondant and cut into a large rectangle. Gently lay across the bottom of the cake to be able to use the center cut as a marker. Cut to the gray fondant in half to make two gray panels. Attach each half with water to the bottom of each door. Lastly dust with silver luster dust for added sheen.

4. Using black gel dye and a medium small paint brush (intended for food use only) paint the words 'Don't Open' onto the left door and 'Dead Inside' onto the right door. Lightly dab black dye around the words and then paint the center door opening.

5. Use red gel dye to paint blood onto the cake, focusing on the outskirts of the door as well as the center opening.

Step 3: Hands on Deck

6. Create small hands by rolling tan to dark brown colored fondant into small balls. Flatten a ball between your fingers and use an exacto knife of similar to cut 4 small notches into the cake to create fingers. Shape it to look like a hand by cutting the thumb and pinky fingers down if necessary. Then, place the hands down the center of the cake with the fingers pointing outwards.

7. Make small door handle panels by cutting two small rectangles out of gray fondant and attaching onto the center of the doors.

Step 4: Complete the Walking Dead

8. Make a wooden plank for the doors by cutting brown fondant into a long thin rectangle. Use a knife to make a bunch of grooves into the plank to make it look realistic. Then place across the door handle panels. Finish by rolling a small piece of gray fondant into a handle and place over the plank attaching to the handle panels with a dab of water.

Optional: Make a red glaze with confectioners sugar and red gel dye. Add water one teaspoon at a time while stirring until the glaze reaches a thick yet smooth consistency. Using a silicone brush or spoon, brush the glaze onto the doors and the cake platter.

Voila! A Walking Dead Cake.

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